Playing through Infuse on two devices


I’m using Infuse Pro on two ATV4K’s both pulling from the same source. Individually, there are no issues, buffering is very rare and video/audio quality is fine.

However if you try to play both at the same time, neither works particularly well. There’s buffering on both devices every few seconds and frame rate issues.

Should this be possible to do? I couldn’t really find particular mention of this anywhere.

Some information:

  • Two ATV4K’s, using WiFi

  • Source is a Raspberry Pi 3 running a Plex Media Server for a connected 4TB hard drive, Ethernet connection

  • Files are mostly 1080p MKVs, some 4K MKVs

If it should be possible, where do you think the issue might be? ATV using only WiFi? RP3 relatively weak hardware-wise? USB2 connection to the hard drive? Something to do with Plex?

Thanks in advance,


It could be one of a handful of issues, but I’d wager the issue lies with the 100Mb ethernet port on the RP3.

Based on this thread, it appears you can achieve 200Mbs by using a USB to Ethernet adapter, which may be worth a try.

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Interesting, this is a really great suggestion! I never knew this was possible.

I’ll try this out, hopefully this week if I can get my hands on an adapter.

I’ll update this post with the result.


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