Playing this video requires infuse pro

So I was a little sour about buying infuse 5 subscription after so soon buying the previous release, but I was of the mindset that you provide a good piece of software I use it a lot so I’d support you. I also intentionally waited until your promotion ran out, heck lets give them the support they are asking for and see what they can do with it I thought.
I spend my life on aeroplanes traveling to jobs all over the world, I don’t always have wifi, generally not when I’m watching a video, like today for example when flying from Warsaw to Budapest… no in flight wifi. I go to infuse and I get the message in the subject line of my post. It wanted me to hit restore and log in to iTunes. I thought this subscription was supposed to last for a year? I had to wait till I got to my hotel and got wifi so I could hit restore and get the videos working again.
Anyway from a paying customer who is trying to support you guys, thanks for an entirely boring flight and the feeling I got totally hosed.

Sorry about that. We’ve seen a few cases where this can happen. These are mostly related to how the App Store handles subscriptions.

  1. You started a free trial, have continued on to pay the annual subscription, but have not opened the app since doing so.
  2. The App has been recently updated.
  3. You’ve reinstalled the app, but not yet opened it.

I feel there’s got to be a better way you can deal with this. I mean it annoys me every time I open excel on office 365 and I have no wifi, it puts up a warning that it can’t verify my subscription and while it might actually be preferrable if it stopped me having to use spreadsheets, you can just cancel the error and continue working till you next have wifi. Maybe a warning " hey we need to verify your subscription next time you have internet, we’ll stop working in a few days if you don’t" or something like that.
Anyway, love the app but if it does this again I’m out as when it happens it’s about as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

Good point.

I’m going to pass this info along and see what we can do.