Playing native EyeTV files on Infuse Pro on TVos

Now that Infuse is an annual subscription it would be really nice if you could fix the problem with reading the mpg files that live within the eyetv file package.

In Australia there are two types of mpg file within the package (information obtained with MplayerX)

Standard Definition
MPG2, 720×576, 25.0fps
MPEG-1/2, 256.0kbps, 48.0kHz 32bit, 2 channels

High Definition
H264, 1920×1080, 50.0fps
AC-3, 448.0kbps, 48.0kHz 32bit, 2 channels

Now you can export each of these files to an mpeg and mp4 file without transcoding and the exported files work perfectly
You can navigate to the mpg files in the package with Infuse but you can’t consistently play them (nor can any other TVos video app e.g. Air video HD, Nastify which I have tried nor any I could find on the “web”. I don’t want to have to manually export each file just to play it on my TV.

Often when it tries to play the duration appears to be way in excess of the actual file length. it is my suspicion that the issue is the header information is done in a non-standard way that misleads the application tried to decode and play it or perhaps the information in the other small files within the package is critical?

I would have thought that the ability to do this would be a good selling point and I suspect (in a typical non-programmers view) perhaps not that difficult to resolve.

Do you think it is possible to look into this. Happy to do some short recordings and send the files to you.

Thanks for the info.

If possible, would you be able to send in a sample of one of these for us to review? A bit more info on doing this can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Dear James, I have attempted to upload two EyeTV files to the public video site but I am not sure if they uploaded.
They are two 10m (about) recordings one SD (Shaun the Sheep) and one HD (The project with H264 mpg file inside).
Can you confirm they uploaded?

James are you able to confirm the files were uploaded?

Got them. Thanks!

Any progress in sorting out what is the problem with the eyetv native files?


Dear James,

It is some months now that I sent you the eyeTV files would it be possible for you to look at them and see if you can work out how to make Infuse be able to reliably play them?

Just curious if you’ve seen this

It sounds as though you don’t really need to convert just extract the mpg file.

Haven’t seen many requests for this type of file playing.

Thanks for the reply but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. EyeTV allows one to export a file in the native format and these exported files work perfectly via infuse.

Inside the EyeTV file (it’s a package) is a native file that looks like an mpg or mp4 file but has some differences that means infuse can sometimes play them but often not (you can navigate into the EyeTV file and see the file within.

If you want to use view the EyeTV files on an iphone/ipad you have to transcode the file into an mp4 file first (tedious and can double the file size as you end up with two video files inside the EyeTV package.

What I want is simply the ability to use Infuse to play the contained mpg file. There is something in the file that stops Infuse (and other video programs) from consistently playing the contained file. Something happens when it is exported by EyeTV that fixes the problem. My uneducated guess is that there is some header information that is being misread by Infuse and stopping it recognising it as a valid file to play.

Dear James, have you had a chance to look at the native EyeTV files I sent you? It would be really great if Infuse could play these files properly. I’m pretty sure it is something in the header information that is confusing infuse and not letting it play properly.

We’ve looked into these a bit, and unfortunately the fix isn’t very straightforward. :frowning:

Are there any other apps you’ve used (other than those from Elgato) that are able to play these as expected?

Unfortunately not otherwise I wouldn’t be bothering you. What is the problem?

The problematic EyeTV videos we’ve see here (including yours) have all been malformed. Not too get too technical, but they have had a variety of issues like misaligned blocks of frames at the start, wrong duration and position info, plus some issues with content.

Elgato may have some special handling in their players, and I’ll try to drop them a note to see if there’s any documentation they can provide. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky. :wink:

Any progress on this?

Nothing to report yet. :frowning:

Unfortunately, we never heard anything back from Elgato, and the fact these files are created using non-standard methods makes supporting them rather difficult.

Elgato sold the EyeTV range to Geniatech ( perhaps contacting them might help?