Playing Multiple Versions (4K, 1080p) of same movie

I am using Jellyfin as my media server back end. My video/movie library contains movies where I have multiple versions in different resolutions. These have been organized per Jellyfin standards as described here: [Movies | Jellyfin]

When using the Jellyfin web client, it shows both movies (see attached), which in this specific case is one version in 4K(2160p) and the other in HD 1080p. However, I don’t see a way to specify which version of the movie to playback using Infuse. I’ve attached screenshots showing the file system of my NAS (Synology) which shows the two versions of the file. The Jellyfin server/library which correctly detects the two versions. Finally, the Infuse app, which shows a mix of the media. In the bottom left it shows, the 1080p version, in the bottom right it shows the 4K version.

Any help figuring out how to specify/play specific versions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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It doesn’t appear multiple versions are supported when using Jellyfin as yet:

Thanks for the info and good to know and disappointing it hasn’t been prioritized. You’d think that if they have the feature/functionality for one media server, it wouldn’t be that hard to adapt it for another media server. Granted, Plex returns XML for the response & Jellyfin JSON but could have a common interface (abstract class) and families of concrete classes which implements the API for each provider. And using abstract factory pattern, you could select which provider to use.

The suggestion is currently marked planned; so that’s a pretty good sign this is something Firecore intends to bring forward soon.

You can keep track of all Firecore is working on in this thread.

One of the items mentions some unspecified improvements to third-party media managers, so perhaps this might be included in that?

Prior to Firecore recently adding support for this feature in Infuse itself, I made custom poster images for my movies (same TMDB, different versions) to easily tell them apart: for example, if one was 1080 and the other 4K, I’d use different versions of the cover art images, and one would include a 4K banner at the top (that I’ve use consistently across my entire collection).

Works well enough for me that I haven’t bothered enabling the grouping of all versions into single items. I understand that not everyone would want to do that, but I put it out there. Fwiw, all my custom posters are on TMDB, so if we happen to have the same tastes in movies, the work might nearly be done. :man_shrugging:t2::upside_down_face:

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