Playing movies from NAS?

This MiRow sound great!

A couple of questions about whether it's perfect or just great: :-)

1) I have a question about how I can use my movies. I have been ripping all my DVD's in various formats such as ISO, Video_TS and IMG throughout the years. I see the 2 first formats are supported, but are you planning to support DVD's in IMG format as well? (When?)

2) My movies are all placed on a NAS (a Synology networked HD). How does MiRow work with that? (Can I add the network adress (e.g. SMB://something) as the default location for movies or something like that - and make FrontRow/MiRow find all the movies in the subfolders? And the same for series?

3) How does MiRow know which subtitle file is associated to a avi in say divx format? (Can I choose somehow or should I just rename the srt to the exact same as the movie file?)

4) How about upgrades when you introduce new supported formats and so on: Is upgrading free? If yes, for for ever or how long?

5) I'm using PyeTV to integrate EyeTV into FrontRow. I understand that MiRow will have this feature at some point too, but I cannot wait for that. So I need to know if MiRow works with PyeTV (and other FrontRos plugins) or if MiRow "takes over everything" or something like that so other plugins are not working?




1. We're hoping to officially support ISO files in an upcoming version - no set date yet unfortunately.

2. Essentially MiRow will recognize any USB or network drives mounted on your Mac. If you can view the files in Finder, MiRow can see them as well.

3. You would simply rename the subtitle file to match the video file it corresponds to.  E.G. The Book of Eli.avi and The Book of

4. Future updates are included with your purchase of MiRow. The MiRow download link available in your account will always point to the latest version.

5. Yes, other Front Row plugins should be compatible - though we are working to resolve an issue with the DVDPedia plugin.


Is there any news on playback of movies in ISO and IMG files/format/containers?
- So I can buy and use this system soon..

Thanks! :-)


And by playing movies I mean dvd's, I guess. :)

See the answer here: