Playing movie from DVD menu in video_ts file

I used Mack the Riper 3 to rip a DVD to video_ts and then transferred to my ATV. If I have DVD Menus set to “on” in my settings, I get the DVD menu but then I can’t select “play”. It’s highlighted on the screen but no button on my ATV controller seems to select it. What am I doing wrong?

Probably no mistakes on your side, happens since 0.5 on some dvd structures.

Start at: Pretty cool threat from the master himself.
The issue will be fixed in the next release of nitoTV. Comeback of the DVDplayback.framework :smiley:

If you want real answers to questions about nitoTV you should consider that forum. The atvflash guys here are just scripting the programs together (which is not a bad thing). That explains why they really don´t know more about the usage than the average user, sometimes even less.

btw: funny to read the comments from nito about other people taking money for his work :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the Mplayer codecs installed prior to attempting to play a DVD movie. They can be installed through the DVD > Settings > Install Software menu.

There is a new version of nitoTV (DVD) coming out shortly that will enhance the DVD playback experience.

FWIW, we do our best to steer everyone in the right direction by posting simple guides, and offering relevant timely advice. There is quite a bit of information over at the awkwardtv forums as you already pointed out.

Also, we do have agreements with nito and the other authors regarding the inclusion of their plugins in the aTV Flash package.

This question was raised at awkwardtv as well.


Hi guys,
sorry, that went down the wrong pipe.
You are doing a good job enabling the everyday user who has no intend to fiddle with the terminal to get the best out of their atv. I paid you myself and consider it a good investment. Nito talks mostly about the guys charging people for actually bricking the devices, that´s was what I found funny :slight_smile:

back to subject:
It´s not a codec problem it´s a problem with libdvdnav. Hopefully resolved with the comeback of the dvd playback framework.


No worries :slight_smile: Thanks for your support.