Playing large mkv and Dual files

Hello everyone

I´ve been having trouble playing large (8 Gb or so) mkv files… It starts ok but after a few minutes it plays with little jumps and the audio doesn´t match the video

Also, I would like to know how can I choose the audio track with films that come with 2 or more audio tracks… It always plays track 1

Thank you very much for the help

I use XBMC , to play that large of a file you will need a Crystal HD - Broadcom card installed, it takes the place of your wifi card in the atv and is used as a video processor. Appletv only supports up to 720p I believe, and I still saw skipping. To answer your second question if using XBMC then go to settings menu and change the selection in the audio area.

Where does one install a Crystal HD - Broadcom card in the ATV?

Look at the post above yours, and you have your answer…

To see it in picture form, have a look here:

Once the card is physically installed in the AppleTV you can follow the steps in the guide below to easily install the necessary drivers.