Playing iTunes media through Infuse

I’m guessing this has been asked before, but here goes anyway. I have Infuse 6 and it works fine from my upstairs NAS to my TVs. These are video files not bought through iTunes.

Now I have some video bought through iTunes that i’d like to play from a local source (the internet speed locally is not good enough and I get frequent black screen “pauses”). Downloading the files to a MacMini next to the NAS and selecting the MacMini as an Infuse playback share gives an “unable to play file” response.

Poking around some more reveals that it’s to do with HDCP formats. It seems it’s the screen’s problem. So I’ll have to find a headless dongle that supports HDCP (to plug into the MacMini) or get a new TV.


I’m pretty sure the problem is that the iTunes content contains DRM and Infuse can’t play those files due to legal issues.

Apple is most likely not going to share this capability with outside video player apps like Infuse.

OK. I may have another solution which is to split out the HDCP signal and run the HDMI through a splitter. It might mean having a MacMini behind the TV but it might solve the internet bandwidth issue. I’ll try using Infuse again also. I might also be able to get the ATV to see the MacMini next to the NAS instead.

Currently even with a MacMini behind the TV the files don’t play so if the splitter doesn’t work then I’m toast.

It’s one of those issues where a small issue can end up requiring lots of changes.

There are programs available that will remove the DRM. They will then play from the NAS via Infuse. Most require Windows.

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We don’t really need to promote hacking in this forum. I’m sure most people are familiar with search engines.

I’m not going to go down that route. It’s a hardware solution I’m looking for. Could be that a new TV is the answer as I have all the other pieces (but rather not as there are other issues).

Just curious, would the Apple TV app play your local iTunes files on the ATV without all the jumping through the hardware hoops?

Home Sharing is your answer. It will play iTunes downloaded content from the mini via the Computers app on the ATV.

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