Playing is not smooth for 29,97 fps mkv


I tried two different movies with 29,97 fps. ( and the message ). Both are mkv.

Both have problem. Not smooth. Not as 23.976

My samsung LCD tv plays them flawless without any problem without apple tv 4k.

Can you check?


Have you checked the match frame rate settings?

Yes ı have…

If you have a chance, would you mind sending in a sample we can review here?

I have no chance to upload nearly 40 gb file.
But you can find it around in the net easily specially the Adele concert.
There is certainly a problem with fps 29,97 :frowning:
Also, it shows 60 fps for screen (which is default value for my apple TV 4k,) when I push the info button on TV while watching these videos…Not 29.97 . fps does not change
Please check this situation

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Can you try playing one of the samples found at (these are all 30fps) to see if the same issue is present?

For 30fps videos, the Apple TV will switch to 60Hz output mode, this is normal.

Also, it looks like this is an interlaced video. Are you using an ATV4 or ATV4K? Can you try adjusting (or disabling) the Deinterlacting option found in the Video tab of the Playback Menu?

I have tried them. Nothing is changed. Not smooth…
Device is ATV 4K, yes.
Also, both video are interlaced yes.
By the way, the " jellyfish-30-mbps-hd-h264.mkv " file is ok. No problem with that

Can you check to ensure the Match Content options are enabled (About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support), or disable these options and force your Apple TV to 60Hz output?

FWIW, the 2018 Samsung we have here has never reliably shown the correct output specs (IE it will show 60Hz HDR when the Apple TV is outputting 24Hz SDR).