Playing HDR MKV movies with the SDR setting


I’m not a big fan of HDR. I my opinion it looks fake.
I have some 4K/UHD mkv movies, that are HDR.
They used to be played fine, bud now they are very dark.
Something seen to have happened since tvOS 11.1 and infuse 5.6.2.
Could I please get the perfect playback of HDR content in SDR mode back.

Kind regards


This should be resolved once this fix/change is rolled out.

Sounds great. Will be looking forward to it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Infuse is now selecting the correct dynamic range. Version 5.6.6.
The picture is still very dark though, compared to Plex. They used to be the same


My TV is a Samsung UE55KS8005

I hope this info can help.



The difference is huge. Unfortuneately, the Plex picture looks the most natural by far. I really would like this explained (and solved).

This is an issue we are currently in the process of resolving.

A bit more info on this can be found here.

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