Playing HD files

Ok, i’m having a problem with apple tv freezing or stuttering when i’m playing high def files… anyone have a good suggestion of what to convert them to? to stop this stuttering picture and sound is perefect just pictures slows down pretty often

Actually xbmc works very well for HD files plays them flawlessly on apple tv with 5.1 so if you guys are having trouble try xbmc

What type of files are they? You may try changing the file playback mode in nitoTV > Settings from Mplayer to Quicktime.


I cannot play mkv HD movies on my cracked ATV… files are standard 1Gb TVshows episodes around 5Mbits/sec.
With Nito I can hear and see like 2fps… with shappire (which is the only I use because the classification) in the best case just the sound and 1 frame per second or less, in the worst case ATV reboots.

I have tried changing the mplayer options (mplayer, qt, mixed) and where it best works is in mixed.

This happens since the last 4 or 5 revisions… with the older versions (I think previous to version 3) 720p mkv files was fine (currently those also are not working)

Any idea to solve this?