Playing DVD from Networkshare with Media Player doesn´t work


Until today I was using the latest Firmware and the Seasonpass with tethered boot on my ATV 2.

With this version I was able to stream videos - DVD from my Networkshare and also my Network DVD drive.

This evening I did the update to the untethered boot and now I get a playback error when streaming DVD or ripped DVD.


Why is this happening and what could I do that this function will be available again??



Sorry for the trouble. Your best option will be to send in a bug report so we can look into what’s going on.

I’m also having trouble playing physical DVDs across the network. I shared my optical drive from a desktop computer. The drive shows up in the Media Player but the content is very pixelated. I’ve tried several DVDs with the same result.

This had been working last year. But there have been a couple of updates to ATV Flash and I’m not sure which caused it to break.