Playing DVD files with Mediaplayer

Hi, The software works really well. Not dissapointed with the purchase. It plays everything really good except folders with dvd files (like all the .vob files). On my computer i can open an .ifo file with vlc player and that just works fine. In Mediaplayer, only the vobs are visible. It’s with all the ripped dvd’s i have. Tried making an iso of all the files in a dvd folder, but got an error message while trying to play it. Is there another way to open the .vob or .ifo files?  Sorry if it’s a bit of a beginner’s question or asked earlier. Couldn’t find the problem on the forum except for playing ios’s   Thanks in advance! 

How are your DVD files organized? Normally, you would have a single folder with the movie’s name (E.G. Inception) within which would be the VIDEO_TS (and possibly AUDIO_TS) folders which contain all the VOB, and IFO files.

Having your DVDs setup in this way would allow you to start the movie by simply selecting the ‘Inception’ folder.

I had another DVD movie wich played fine and compared the folders with eachother.

Than i saw that the movie wich only showed me the .vob files were not placed in a folder called VIDEO_TS.

Made that folder, moved the files into it and it worked like a charm.


Thank you very very much for the help!!!  Problem solved :slight_smile: