Playing Dolby vision movies

Can we play dolby vision from iso files.If so how to play Dolby vision and not hdr 10.I have a samsung tv which doesn’t support Dolby vision but I am playing to get a Sony tv with Dolby vision but I want to confirm whether infuse can play Dolby vision from iso or not.Thanks !!

Dont think so. tvOS only support single stream DV encoded files. Normally on Blue-rays, the DV info is present on a second 1080p HEVC video stream, next to the primary 4K video stream containing the actual movie and HDR10 info. Apple made the deliberate choice only to support a format where the DV metadata is present in the main 4K stream. This works for Netflix, but not for “home movies”.

In theory Firecore could make something getting the DV metadata from the 2nd stream, but as they are using the tvOS APIs and underlying hardware decoding, dont think its very easy … if not impossible.

Is there a way to rip DV track from iso file with full uhd resolution.

I don’t believe there is a way to rip dual layer to single layer. No one in any of the “scenes” on the net has done this. If you want DV ISO playback you’ll need an Oppo UHD Blu-Ray player.

Also see here:

We have added Dolby Vision support for the upcoming 6.1.4 release.

If you’re interested in trying a beta early, please let me know.

I would like to test beta. I have 28 Movies encoded in DV 1.0 and would like to try them. I have send you a request to bee a beta tester

Email sent. :slight_smile:

Would be nice, if I could join the Betatest too.
I have a few Movies with 2 Layers and also some with 1 Layer (converted myself the 2 layer ones with dvdfab)
And I’m currently playing with the stuff posted here:

Oh and I’m also a MrMC Betatester.
Sorry I for the just registered account - I’m more the silent reader and using your software since version 3

I would love to beta test Dolby Vision support. Only thing I miss from Infuse at the moment.

PM sent.

Can i beta test on apple tv

Hi James,

I have a number of DV files - all I believe single layer. I also have Diversified Video Solutions full DV Test Pattern suite (DOLBY VISION). At present, I can only display these DV videos on a Sony X700 player.
It would be great to see if Infuse could display them.
Count me in on beta testing!

Today’s 6.1.4 update adds support for single-layer Dolby Vision.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Release or still beta?

6.1.4 is available on the App Store today. :slight_smile:

I do see some serious amount of buffering - both DV and SDR files. I am running the 4th beta of tvOS…not sure this made the difference.
I will try the released Infuse just posted.

Hi James, im using the latest version of infuse and its still playing back dolby vision content in hdr. Im on tvOS 13

Are the files single layer Dolby vision? Are they in m4v containers?

I’m attempting to play some single-layer DV videos with Apple TV 4K on a LG C9. Apple TV 4K is setup to use DV and Match Content Framerate/HDR.

The videos play in HDR10 not DV. They are .mp4 files. Does it make any difference if they are mp4 or m4v? Any suggestions about what the problem could be?

I’m playing the videos from Plex Media Server. Both tvOS, Infuse and PMS are up-to-date versions.