Playing 4k H256 .mkv file from WD PR2100 Plex server to Apple TV 4

Hi i am new here and I am currently undergoing the following issue.

I have an up to date plex server setup on a WD PR2100 and i am trying to stream to my AppleTV 4 ~(non 4k) connected to a 1080p TV.

Im trying to stream a 4k H265. .mkv file. Streaming to my iphone works flawlessly but I get very choppy playback on my Appletv.

With the plex tvOS client trans-coding was taking place so I opted to use Infuse since I heard it can manage playback better. Unfortunately I am still getting frequent buffering issues.

Is there anyway that i can make direct play of 4k footage work in the above setup? Direct play is being made flawlessly on my pc and iphone but not my appletv 4.


I believe the problem is the ATV4 lacks the processor to be able to handle 4K and x265. The ATV4K has a much better processor and handles both x265 and 4K natively.