Playback/Watched Status on 2 different servers

I’m after a solution (after Plex stopped supporting plugins) that might be able to replace the Trakt plugin. I used to be able to add the Trakt plugin to different servers that I have (one on a Local NAS, one on a local Mac Mini, and one Seedbox gDrive cloud based).

Whilst I can still get the Trakt plugin working on the Seedbox & NAS Drive, It no longer works on OS X (giving me an error when I run it).

I don’t suppose there is any way I can use Infuse’s built in Trakt instead? I’m guessing, maybe at best it might keep my Infuse apps in sync (ATV 4K, iPad)? But is there any way that it might update Plex apps on ATV4K & iPad too?

Trakt should sync with any other app that also uses trakt.

Indeed, and that has always worked for me in the past. But since Plex stopped supporting Plugins, the Trakt Plugin won’t work on my MacMini, so I’m trying to find something that will replace it. As it stands the Trakt plugin still works fine on both the local NAS & Seedbox, but won’t work on the MacMini.