Playback stutters/pauses

I have the latest Infuse Pro (4 & 5) and they both pause and stutter during some high resolution Studio Ghibli movies. Any advice? I don’t have the full read-out of the file, but one of the most problematic files is this one:



10bit videos are a bit more demanding than others, but we’ll take a look at that file and see if there are any optimization that can be done.

i have the file now if you want me to run it through a diag program. do you have a link to one that I could use? you could tell me which things to look for when choosing my movies.


Mine doesnt run 100% smooth as well, doesnt matter which mkv with x264 video, no matter what the bitrate is.

Appears to be worse when I use one of the zooming alternatives like stretching.

Wait, i still had version 4 installed, version 5 seems to run smooth :wink:

Btw, I love the zoom mode function where you can stretch a bit so you still got black bars at the top but smaller…

But I think the names of the zoom modes are incorrect
E.g. Zoom mode 2.40:1 is more stretched than mode 2.00:1, instead it should be a wider picture (with bigger black bars) instead of more stretched (with smaller bars)…

Can you guys conform this?

Those ratios refer to the amount of zoom needed to fully crop out the black bars in a film shot at the specified ratio.

For example, you would need to zoom in further to fully crop a 2.40:1 film compared to one shot at 2.00:1.

After looking some movies, infuse 5 isnt all that stutter free also in playback, you guys plan to make some improvements here?

Most stuttering issues actually come from Apple not supporting refresh rate changes. Nearly all movies (and some HD TV content) play at 24 frames per second, but the Apple TV4 currently only supports playback at either 60 or 50 frames per second, so it’s kind of like putting a square peg in a round hole expecting smooth playback, as 24 does not go evenly in to 50 or 60, resulting in some frames having to be displayed multiple times per second, resulting in stuttering.

Infuse does also suffer from dropping frames (like an intermittent slideshow effect) when playing back content which includes very large changes in bitrate. Infuse can also drop frames while trying to playback h265 content, or files which contain 10bit colour information.

James/Firecore has stated that they are aware of the h265 and 10bit issues, and are working to address those issues soon.

The 24fps and the Apple TV4 refresh rates (50 and 60Hz only) is part of the problem here but if I play the samme AVC 24fps movie with Plex (direct play / no transcoding serverside) there are no stuttering but with Infuse there are stuttering / hiccups !
So there is definitely a problem with Infuse here - seemed to be an european TV-set problem only ?

Your right, Infuse seems to suffer badly from the framerate conversion process, more so than any other player, including Netflix and various TV VOD apps. This is most likely due to all those other apps using Apple’s own player API, which is well optimised. I have to admit to wondering how Plex’s player works, do they also use their own Player software like Infuse does, or have they found a way to use Apple’s API?

I think Infuse has problems with motion prediction and caching in general, which is why it also has trouble playing files which start with a fairly low bitrate, then go suddenly to maximum bitrate, such as The Incredibles in 1080p, during the ‘News Report’ black and white segment at the beginning of the film, which Infuse renders as a slideshow with intermittent sound. Nearly every file I play in Infuse has framerate issues, some files worse than others. I’m sure these issues are actually all related.

I don’t think that there is a particular EU issue as such, however technically all Europeans should be using the Apple TV with a 50Hz refresh rate set. However, if you set the HDMI output to 50Hz, everything including the entire iOS UI suffers from framerate problems, due to the fact that iOS is not refresh rate aware (due to being an OS designed and written by Americans, hence the 60Hz hard coded default, with no regard for anyone outside of the US), and does not alter its display rate, so setting it to 60Hz is the only way to get a proper smooth output from an Apple TV, the only problem with that is that it makes Infuses output even worse.

I still don’t get smooth playback. Maybe I’ll give Plex another try.

same here, i tried every serious media player on Apple TV4 and there are several playing 100% smooth all the time (like Air Video HD and Plex) but they have other issues (dont like plex btw anyhow) or lack on zoom functionality, which infuse has, and therefore i would use Infuse if it playbacks smooth also…

Tried watching Westworld tonight. Experienced several slowdowns when the camera pans out. Tried VLC, no slowdowns there during wide pans, but at weird moments it would just stop for 20-30 seconds, I remember the moment too, 11:11, because it was all 1’s.

ended up finishing ep 1 in Infuse 5, was just watchable. The slowdowns weren’t in action heavy scenes, just wide scenes with mountain backgrounds, etc.

can we get an update on this? seems if i select a one of the zoom modes…stuttering gets worse…

Infuse uses a software based player, and the CPU inside the Apple TV is unable to playback content with higher bit rates, so any extra work the player has to do will make playback worse, and results in stuttering.

The only way to fix this is with using hardware acceleration or by dramatically optimising the playback engine.

James has said that the latest iOS has better/improved api’s for hardware acceleration, and that his team will work on it. No timeframe was given.

I was watching “Westworld.S01E02.Chestnut.1080p.WEBRip.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA.mkv” and around 18:50 the camera pans out and the movie changes into a slideshow. In VLC I see that the bitrate jumps to around 5500 kb/s. However around 56:50 the bitrate is even higher and the movie plays with some noticeable frame-drops, but no slide-show. I tested with both Infuse 4 and 5 on the aTV4.

I got the MP4 version of the show; it’s like 3x the size but is super smooth.


I understand that Apple hasnt implemented 1080/24p in Apple TVBUT:

When I play movies on Apple tv using infuse and enable motion processing on tv, I start seeing frames skipping/dropping.

My movies havr 23.976 frames per second. Apple tv is currently at 1080p/60hz.

Here is what I have tried:

  1. I have plugged my old Western Digital Media player and played the movies (motion processing on), There is no stuttering or frames dropping at all (I know WD has 1080p/24p support and also has the ability to sync framerates).

  2. I have played movie files using Samsung K8000’s built-in player (motion
    processing on) and found no stuttering and no frames dropping.

  3. I played the same files using apple Tv 4 using infuse. I straightaway noticed frames being skipped/dropped while the motion processing in on.

But here is the trick:

I downloaded MRMC and enabled the option
“Sync playback to display”. Guess what!! No stuttering, no juddering, no frames dropping and tried with motion processing on/off.

Moreover, tried Plex, no frames dropping and no stuttering.

This confused me even further. I kept sending messages to Apple on the developer account, asking them to implement different frame rates support but then found MRMC and plex to handle 23.976 files so nicely.

This makes me wonder, what is wrong with Infuse? If Plex and MrMC are able to sync framerates, then why Infuse cant?

Even my 4 years old Western Digital live streaming media player has no problem with playback.

Can someone solve this mystery please



Most, if not all of Infuses stuttering and frame drop problems stem from the fact that the playback engine, as it stands right now, is incapable of playing back files which contain video bit rates that regularly go much above 15-25Mbit/s. When I checked most of the other players on the Apple TV4, most of them can handle files with higher bit rates than Infuse, so playback is mostly smooth on those players. However most of them cannot cope with a full 45-50Mbps Blu-ray compliant CVR file!

James has stated a while ago, that Infuse is currently not using hardware acceleration on the Apple TV, and other iOS devices I guess, so Infuse is using the CPU to decode and display video data. The CPU in the Apple TV4 is pretty old and quite slow, and is not up to the task of decoding HD content at 45-50Mbps, which is the Blu-Ray standard for decoding a 1080p H264 video stream.

Most H264 content does not use a constant bit rate, so the bitrate is dynamic. Infuse seems to cope better with this kind of video stream, and thats how it’s been seen to be working, however the result is that Infuse cannot output a constant framerate at all times, especially in fast action scenes with high detail and lots of movement.

Apple state that the Video decode engine inside the Apple TV4 can decode H264 video at 50Mbps, which is fully Blu-Ray spec compliant. James has stated that Firecore are currently working on Hardware Decode support, but are having difficulties with it, as Apple are not exactly transparent in their API support, but hope to have it available in the 5.3 beta series for testing.

We all have our fingers crossed…

OK, I get what you mean but all none of my files have more than 6mbps bitrate - most of my files are 720p encodes with 3mbps with AC3 audio track.

Lets see if hardware decoding could resolve this.