Playback stutters only during scene changes/cuts

Just installed Infuse out of the box onto our ATV 4 (not 4k). I connected via SMB over to our iMac, which is hosting the video files. We’re getting a very odd but consistent issue where I can see a frame from the next scene (cuts only) before it encounters the cut. We’re playing files that are around 600 MB and 1280x720. This only happens with cuts. Dissolves into the next scene don’t appear to be affected.

Here’s a link to a video capture where this issue happens twice. You see a single frame before the cut, a few frames from the end of the scene you’re watching, then the actual cut.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Is this affecting all your videos, or just a few?

If you are able to send in a sample video, it might help us track down what’s going on a bit quicker.

Samples can be uploaded here.

I may have figured out the cause. My source for videos moved over to the JW Player where the videos are broken up into segments and stitched together as the video plays. To the viewer this is seamless. For 5 of the most recent videos I received, I had to use a Stream Video Downloader plugin in Chrome. It seems that any video acquired through that plugin has this odd playback issue through Infuse. VLC didn’t show this issue but their app stopped playing the feed altogether at random times. I’m going to try another plugin. Going forward, for users who have acquired videos through the Stream Video Downloader plugin, they may experience the same issue.

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