Playback stutters after moving playhead on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

Some files play fine in Infuse on Mac, or even in the Files app on iPad, but not in Infuse on Apple TV or iPad: when you go skip to a different time, only a frame every second or so plays (probably the keyframes) and Infuse never recovers to play the video normally.

This is with the latest versions of iPadOS and tvOS.

This even happens when playing the file from a USB-C SSD to the internal memory on my iPad Pro.
The same file plays perfectly with the Files app on the iPad, from USB SSD or the internal memory (it should not be in the Infuse folder, otherwise Infuse will be used to play it).

The files have been created with Apple Compressor 4.6.6 (latest), then remuxed with ff-Works(ffmpeg).
This example is a pretty standard 4K 23.976fps HDR 10 video with ALAC audio in a .mov container.
I tried muxing to .mkv with MkvToolnix or changing the audio format with no success. With the files on my NAS and on a OneDrive with the same results. And with the files stored locally on my iPad Pro too.

I just sent a big file to the Dropbox (28.4GB). Its name starts with “From Jerome” .
Just play the movie in Infuse, go to 1h45mn0S (I just tried it), go back 10s by pressing the button in the UI or on the remote and voilà.

Thanks in advance,

I made a few more tests.

  • the problematic video plays perfectly with Apple players on my Apple devices: QuickTime Player on Macs, including a Mac mini 2012 with Sonoma via OCLP, via the files app on my iPad Pro 2020 to old iPhone XS Max, and via the “Computers” app on my Apple TV via homesharing.
    It has issues in Infuse on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV but works perfectly with Infuse on the Mac.

  • I changed the setting in Compressor to a fixed 23.976(actually 24000/1001)fps instead of automatic frame rate. The resulting file stutters for about a second but then plays perfectly in Infuse.

  • I changed the original setting by unchecking “allow frame reordering” in Compressor - the resulting file plays perfectly in Infuse, with no stuttering.
    The Compressor user guide says « Important: If you select “Allow frame reordering,” your output file may be more efficiently compressed but may not be compatible with decoders on older hardware. »

So my guess is on an outdated component that does not handle frame reordering very well.

@James I just uploaded to the Dropbox a zip file with 3 four minutes extracts that have the described behavior. The tip file is named “”

Any news about this @james ?

I am a bit disturbed that Infuse on Apple TV cannot play reliably pretty standard HEVC videos, that pose no problem to the built-in player. I used to trust Infuse to play everything I threw at it.
Now it has issues with files I encoded with standard settings in Apple Compressor.