Playback stutter when fast forwarding or skipping for large video files

Playback on Apple TV 4K, iPad and Mac. If the video file is extremely large (usually more than 50GB), when I try to fast forward, or +10s, or try to skip to a certain part of the video, the audio plays normally but for about 10~20 seconds the video just flashes and delays, like skipping frames but at a very noticeable rate (about 1 frame per 2 second or so), and the video stutter will continue until the video catches up with the audio and everything is fine again. Do not think it is network problem since I am sitting right next to the router and internal wifi rate is more than 500Mbps.

Have you tried a speed test within Infuse and see what it shows for that video? Let it run for the whole video if you can or at least a few minutes. Also posting a pic of the graph may help.

Also maybe the results of running one of those files through mediainfo and posting that here also?

Thanks for the quick response. Here is the graph.

Here is the video showing the symptoms, as I felt it was hard to describe by words.

(Video might be blocked in some country due to copyright issue since I played a movie for a few seconds)

Just out of curiosity, what do you have set for your streaming cache? Maybe try the other options?

Sounds like my problem. You also play video files of the same type as me. And the same bugs are happening with the video.

Setting the streaming cache to Legacy did have some noticeable improvement, but does not completely eliminate the lag. Reduces stuttering from about 20 seconds to 5 seconds.

I noticed this lag specifically for large files. I have yet to see this problem in videos under 30GB, although I am not going to try every video size to see when the problem starts. I have a 75GB mkv file with this problem as well. Seems videos above 50GB will likely to have this problem, whether its BDMV or ISO or MKV.