Playback stops, spinning wheel


Are anyone else having issues with playback stopping suddenly? Playback stops and the “buffering” wheel keeps spinning on the screen for ever. Only solution it to hard kill the app and start it again. This can happen multiple times during 40min tv series episode so it is kinda frustrating. Only upside is that infuse remembers the point where it stopped so u dont have to find the right spot ur self, thank good… but still.
I use a mac mini as a server where the video files get streamed from. No such problems with the iPad app so that rules out flaws in my setup

This is making the hole app unusable for me so can u make a fix soon?

Exact same thing happening to me. Just started today. MKV file that played flawlessly last night now stops with spinning wheel.

Same issue here. Plays fine for a certain duration and then randomly stops and have to completely kill the app.

Also using an SMB share on a Mac Mini. No other network activity so I don’t think it is a bandwidth issue. Currently at 100Mbps down/6Mbps up with a ping of 15.

My gut tells me it could be a handshake issue between the SMB share and Infuse app?

I’ve have this problem too. I’m also connecting to a Mac Mini via SMB.

I’m going to try FTP and see if I get the same issues.

Great! Let us know of ur findings

So I switched from SMB to FTP, and my playback issues have been fixed! SFTP also works without issue.

Previously playback from my Mac Mini would freeze 2-3 times per movie, but since using FTP I’ve played multiple movies (including high bitrate 1080p movies) and haven’t had any problems.

Thanks a lot ozmbie!!!. That did the job. I used FTP and works perfect.

1.- Only run the native FTP on the mac by using the command:

sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

Note: to desactive the FTP use the command: sudo -s launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

2.- Used my user and password from my mac to add a location in infuse

Note: as it was mentioned before, it will give you access to the root of your hdd on your mac.

I ended up editing OSX’s ftp config files to change my user’s root directory. By default it was using “/Users/username/” directory. In other FTP clients, I can set a default directory, or navigate up levels to get to my computer’s root directory. However I couldn’t figure out how to do that with infuse.

i have the exact same problem, the infuse app has no problems on my ipad, but it’s terrible on my Apple tv :frowning: please fix it (im streaming from my macbook pro )

Same problem here. Streaming from a mac mini with smb shares. Less problems with ftp shares.

Sftp instead of SMB had a positive effect for me as well. But at the end, As written before, if SMB is proposed, it has to work.

I have the exact same issue, it is infuriating. I love the app so much, and have been using it for years, but on the new aTV4, it is useless if it keeps stopping every 10/20minutes. I’m streaming via SMB to a 2015 MacBook. The network is not the issue, as I have tested the network during the incidents, I have also conducted heavy downloads while streaming to the aTV and that doesn’t seem to affect it.

Please FireCore help!!!

Hey, i have the same problem with SMB.

I checked ftp or sftp, but why we can’t try AFP?

I guess they are working on fixing that issue. Seems like a lot of people with smb shares on a mac have those problems. The problem only appears when using infuse, so only the firecore team can solve it with an update.

Because of that issue i watch movies i havent watched before not with infuse anymore :frowning:

Macs have a notoriously bad implementation of SMB. Simple transfers to and from a Mac are just slow and error-prone… You can probably work around it, but out-of-the-box SMB on Macs suck and have done so for a long time…

True, but as there are no problems with other apps like MrMc and smb shares on a mac, it is still firecores turn to solve that problem.
Nevertheless, i would prefer nfs as an alternative to smb.

Yeah, as I said - you can work around it, which is probably what MrMc is doing. My point is that there’s nothing special about people having issues with Macs and SMB, and that it’ll probably be worked out in a later version of Infuse.

+1 to NFS

Hi. Same problem with a Sinology Nas, in DNLA… It’s OK for me in SMP (with the NAS Sinology).

Same thing with an SMB share on WD My Cloud. Will try FTP tonight.

Only just got my ATV yesterday, so it’s comforting to know it’s a bug, not a limitation.

UPDATE: Works fine over FTP.

Can someone please write a guide how to go from SMP to FTP?

Cant use the app, all videos stops when I play MKV files.