Playback stopps always After exact 1 Minute

I have some DVD-Audio Files in .m2ts Format. Infuse recognises these files as 1080p DTS–HD MA 5.1 and plays them perfectly on my apple TV4. But always After exact 1 Minute The playback stopps and The spinning circle from the Apple TV appears and stays for ever. With the VLC Player the playback of the exact same files has no problem at all.
I tried to playback the files with Infuse on my IPad Pro and could reproduce the exact same failure. The playback stops as well after exactly 1 minute…
It seems that this is a bug in Infuse.
Hope that anybody can help me, because I really want to listen to theses files…

Is this affecting all videos like this? Any chance you could send in a sample we can review here?

Hi James,
actually the playback of all my other videos dosen´t have any problem. Only the mentioned DVD-Audio Files. I uploaded one of them so that you can test it… Please give me a feedback if you could reproduce the failure… or better, if you have a solution for the problem :wink:

Hi James,

Any Update regarding this topic?