Playback status & metadata


I’m switching from Kodi (Mac Mini) to Infuse (aTV 4K), with Plex Media Server on my NAS (Synology) and i would like to know how to get my playback status. In Infuse, i can add my account but i wonder if this also work for PMS. Indeed, i found a tuto to get Trak.TV o PMS but the package isn’t there anymore.

Second point, using PMS, are the metadata stored locally ?


If you link Infuse with your Plex Server, the playback status will sync with Infuse.

Metadata is pulled from your Plex Server and stored locally. If you use SMB, NFS, WebDAV, etc, then that’s also stored locally but takes longer to retrieve.

Ok, thanks, ok can i do that ?

Ok i found the option in my iPhone.

I’m not sure, connect to my shared on my NAS and to PLEX or connect to PLEX Media Serveur ?

In Infuse, go to Settings (the cog on the bottom right), then click on ‘+ Add Files’. There’s an option there under Plex that says “Connect to Plex”. Use that one.