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Because of ongoing debate in this forum about the source of stutter/judder using Infuse on Apple TV and the complexity of the topic i would suggest the addition of a Infuse playback statistics overlay with information about the current file playing.

Something like this, especially the Control+alt+shift+D hotkey.

On the Apple TV the overlay could be invoked through a menu option or a special (secret) button press on the remote (if possible).

I think that the following information (more or less if possible) would be of interest to debug the ongoing complaints:

Buffer underrun
Dropped frames
Decoding errors/statistics
Source framerate/Apple TV framerate
Source muxing info (MKV etc.)
Playback demux info (when available)
Apple TV CPU/RAM info (if possible)

In my opinion, there is way to much guessing and false information going on in this discussion and we need some tools to cut through the different issues and bring back some facts to get to the source of the different issues being discussed.

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This is a very good idea, imho. We need to sort these issues out!

Great Idea, my only concern is if the TV is having issue with reading the source signal and these issues are considered as normal and not picked up by the statistics. However, if we have a lot of statistics to analyse, it might be possible to conclude when a specific stuttering appears. For example, when bit rate is too high.

A moving test pattern generated by Infuse (23.976 or 24 fps and other framerates, output at 60 Hz) would enable us to troubleshoot tv related issues.

Hi :slight_smile:

I think James has announced something like this for the next Beta version… :slight_smile:
If I right understood, Infuse grab some informations/reports to analyse the hiccups etc…

I really hope that the Playback issues finally can be fixed :slight_smile:

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