Playback speed

Yeah that’s a good point, I just don’t like having to choose between easy to use and clunky but functional. I guess I’ll give VLC another try until they update Infuse

I’d love the variable playback speed too!

I’m about ready to switch back to VLC which DOES support speeding up the playback. We’ve REALLY been waiting far too long for this essential feature.

I think for now the best hope that I have of truly getting this feature is if I buy a Surface Go and load VLC onto it. Even on the iPad Pro playback speeds can’t increase TOO MUCH otherwise the audio goes out. If this app had variable playback speed it would be the last video player I would EVER need, but as of now it’s not yet there. I really wish we could get some kind of an update about when this feature will ever happen. Will it be in a future version that I have to pay for?

Well, we’re at version 5.9 and yet InFuse STILL<\strong> doesn’t have variable playback speeds.

I’m now having to use other products more and more since I’ve got many videos that really need to be played back at “higher” speed.

PLEASE, come on Firecore… get with it!!!

At least it’s on the planned list. Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

Other features may be in higher in demand or be faster to implement and or require less coding to add so it’s a waiting game.

The planned list… Ha! That thread’s last post is two years old.

Come on… really?

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And if you’d take the time to read it you’d notice it was last updated 2/15/2019 on the first post.

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Hey, I’m still watching this thread, I still haven’t totally lost hope, but lack of variable playback speeds will always be a consistant complaint I have about this otherwise great video player. Extremely disappointed that an app that costs this much doesn’t have such a feature.

Ok I’m officially done giving this company money, I’ve literally waited years for variable speed playback and its still not here after a major numbered. Wake me up when 1x playback ends

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why Not support playback speed

i can’t find 1.5x in infuse 6

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Was it in the beta version you used?

Quite disappointed too, and it seems we’re not getting it anytime soon

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Please add this feature soon.

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Hey Firecore…

We NEED variable playback speed. We’ve been waiting, but enough is enough.

We watch & listen to things other than movies that NEED to be played back faster.
For example: a vlog, or a lecture, or a video podcast.

Either of those NEED to be played back at 1.25X or 1.5X!

And, having the feature that most podcasts have to remove extended silences would be nice too.

Hey! Although it isn’t perfect because it doesn’t work with all formats, the app “Documents” that allows you to download things to a folder (Which was a big deal before iOS 13) allows you to download videos. When you play the video, it gives you the option to play in various playback speeds! It also saves your playback location so if you leave the video it remembers where it is. The only negative thing is that not all of the videos you play on it have the option for higher playback speeds. But anything you download from those various Youtube Download Sites should have that option. Again, it isn’t perfect, but it’s more than I can say for Infuse. Also Documents is free

I use VLC which does work for all formats & has both variable speed AND audio delay/advance adjustment too. But I’d like to be able to use inFuse for everything. Variable playback speed is just something that NEEDS to be in inFuse… period.

Still waiting too :slight_smile:

Don’t forget time-stretching audio to go with it!

Coming in 6.3 !

Any guess when that might be…? This year sure would be nice!
Can’t wait for 1.25X, 1.4X, 1.5X, or even able to just set it!
(and for some BT devices, +/- increments of .05 is needed too!)