Playback Speed


IS there a way or would it possible to be able to change the playback speed.

Huge enhancement !


Yes!! Please! Change to 1.5x or 2.0x would be AWSOME sometimes… A lot of other players already have this feature… Playback speed is what’s missing…

Please! This I really need!

It would be great (something that VLC doesn’t allow properly) if it would be possible to reverse PAL speed up.
Films are shot in 24 frames per second but PAL playback speed is 25 fps, so films play 4% faster. The voices therefore are a bit higher pitched and it can be quite annoying.
MKVs can be slowed down but it’s quite a hassle. So if you would allow playback at 96% speed or just make it a reverse PAL feature, it would be great.
VLC allows playing at 96% but the pitch doesn’t change, even though it’s supposed to.

I also think it would be very interesting to add a feature like YouTube that allows you to change the playback speed of the video to 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x.

For video lessons and series, it’s something very interesting.

It has been more than 3 years this feature was requested and planned. How serious are you guys about this feature? This should be a common feature in every video playing app/site.

Yes, I see it’s on the planned list but it keeps moving downward in priority every time something else is added to the list. I keep checking that page every week in the hope that it’s included in an upcoming update.

I just hope you guys will implement this at least with the release of V6.

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Please add this feature soon. It’s been too long…

I’ve given up waiting for variable playback speed, it’s been supposedly in the planning stages for YEARS. Does anyone know of another video player for the iPad that does multiple playback speeds?

VLC, It’s free and has variable playback speed

VLC on iPad doesn’t play files correctly when you change the playback speed, unless something has changed in the last few months. I LOVE everything about Infuse’s UI and how easy it is to play stuff, and if it had variable playback speed it would be nearly PERFECT.

Coming in 6.3 !

Coming in 6.3 !

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Dude, seriously!? That’s great news! Once it’s out, I’ll gladly pay for 6.

Any ETA on the 6.3 update?

Could be 3 to 6 months or more based on past history for X.X updates like 5.9 to 6.0 or 6.0 to 6.1

It depends on the incremental bug squashes and minor updates and features added.

You’re missing so many excellent features by not going to V6 pro but that’s your option. The more support that Firecore gets the faster they can get updates out so the more paid users the better the product.

I bought the Pro version 5 because I thought that it would have variable playback speed at some point, but it’s been literally years since they started working on it; heck, I was figuring that when they went to version 6 it would be there, but it still isn’t (Who’s to say it won’t be until version 7?). Today is the first I’ve heard of it ACTUALLY coming out. I’ll give my money when I can see that it has actually been released. What are the playback speed options? 1.5x, 1.75x and/or 2?

Please don’t forget to include the possibility of reducing the speed to 96% for reverse PAL speed up (25 fps to 24 fps), and no “time stretching audio”, meaning that if I change the speed, the audio pitch will also change (and not be adjusted) so I don’t have to hear those awful high pitched voices on PAL movies. Also, all music is shifted by a half tone with PAL speed up which is horrible.

No updates regarding variable playback speed?

Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23) It’s in there.

Variable-speed playback is available in today’s 6.3 update.

Enjoy! :smiley:

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Please include slow down to 0,96x (with disabled audio pitch adjustment) so that we can enjoy movies which were speeded up for the European market from the original 24 to 25 fps, in their original playback speed and enjoy the correct musical tonality and voice tonality. This drives many crazy!

Thank you