Playback speed per TV Show [+bug]

I watch some series with a specific playback speed.
It would be interesting if Infuse could save the playback speed for each TV Show or if there was a way for me to select the last playback speed more quickly. For example, choosing it directly from the video player without having to access the top menu.

[Sorry about my mockup]

I would also like to report a bug.
I like watching TV shows at some specific speed, like 1.4x or 1.6x. These options are not available. No problem.
So I need to use the increment and decrement buttons.

To make the process faster, I thought Iā€™d select the 1.5x option and increment or decrement to the speed I want.

But suppose I select the 1.5x option and press to increment or decrement. In that case, the value is reset to the default 1.0x, and the decrement/increment happens using that value (1.0x) as a base, not the value I had previously selected (1.5x).

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