Playback progress not syncing between devices


I’m using latest Infuse Pro version 7.3.4 on macOS and on tvOS. I have iCloud sync enabled on both of them, and use a single Apple ID account on both devices.

It seems that library is synced between the devices, but playback progress isn’t.

Can you please tell me at which points in the application (e.g. after clicking sync button) should the progress be synced, and how can I debug the issue?

Connecting Trakt account to both devices seems to solve the problem, but I don’t really want to use it just for the progress syncing, and would prefer to use iCloud sync for this.


I’ve been a loyal user of Infuse for some time now and rely on it for pretty much all my streaming needs.

Just recently (maybe 2-3 months ago?) I’ve noticed some changes in the way the app operates. I’ve had to delete my SMB shares and change the protocol to Legacy; have to force-close the Apple TV app after putting the device to sleep or else the loading circle never stops loading; most importantly playback progress no longer reliably syncs across my 3 Apple TVs. Library sometimes syncs but most of the time I have to change the favorites on the devices manually.

May I know if the app has changed in the past couple of months, or? I would hate to have to abandon Infuse because it’s been literally the perfect app for me. But the unreliable playback syncing and difficulty in changing the favorites is giving me a real hard time (especially when watching TV is supposed to be a relaxing experience!)

I should probably add that I’m a paid user - it’s not a lot of money at all, but it’s pretty sad to have the Infuse experience steadily head downhill over the past couple of months, after a long long time of satisfactory performance.

I host my files on my PC and share using SMB to my 3 Apple TV’s, this used to be the perfect setup with perfect syncing and library management but it’s been growing steadily less reliable recently.

I just signed up for Trakt and logged in with my account on my Apple TVs, we’ll see if that helps to fix the issue.

Not sure if it will help but 7.3.5 was released almost a week ago.

I have tried 7.3.5, and it still doesn’t work.

Have also tried installing it on my iPhone, and it’s not any better, progress from one device doesn’t sync to any other.