Playback progress isn't sync'ed for iTunes Videos

Version: Infuse Pro 5.7.1
iOS: iPhone X (11.3.1), iPad mini 4 (11.3.1)

Settings > General > iCloud Sync: ON
Settings > General > Show iTunes Videos: ON
Settings > General > Metadata Fetching: OFF
Settings > General > Embedded Metadata: ON

I enabled iCloud Sync and play video from iTunes library.
My expectation is that the playback progress (playback position) is sync’ed among the devices associated with the iCloud account.
So that I can resume the playback on iPad from the position where I play it on iPhone the last time.
However, the playback progress is never ever sync’ed between iPhone and iPad.

Is this expected?

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Infuse uses both iCloud and Trakt to keep watched statuses in sync between devices. However, to ensure things are synced correctly we recommend leaving the Metadata Fetching option enabled.

A bit more info on how this works can be found here.

iCloud Sync (Pro Only):
Up Next list (in-progress and recently added items)
File specific playback settings (selected audio/subtitle track, zoom setting, etc…)

Trakt Sync (Free + Pro):
Playback position for in-progress items

So playback position is synced for Trakt Sync but not for iCloud Sync?

As for Metadata Fetching option, I cannot enable it because it almost completely mess up my contents.
I wish Embedded Metadata option took priority over Metadata Fetching option but Metadata Fetching overwrites them all.

Without Trakt, Infuse will sync the watched history for items in the Up Next List only. Up Next includes you most recently in-progress items, as well as recently added items.

With regard to the metadata fetching setting, this allows Infuse to fetch and store a unique ID number for each video. Without this, Infuse will not be able to sync watched history with Trakt. Metadata fetching can work with the embedded metadata setting enabled, and in this case Infuse would only fetch metadata for items which are not present in the embedded info (such as the unique ID).

Is “Up Next List” supported on iOS (iPhone and iPad)?
On the first screen tab, I have “Library” on the top and “RECENTLY ADDED”, “UNWATCHED” and so on.
I do set “Up Next List” to ON in General settings but I cannot find such thing like “Up Next”.

Infuse would only fetch metadata for items which are not present in the embedded info (such as the unique ID).
The problem with “Metadata Fetching” option for me is that the cover pictures (Artwork) embedded in MP4 files are all shown with something else apparently fetched from the internet.

The Up Next List doesn’t have a section title, but on iOS it will appear on the top of the Library screen, directly under the Library heading.

I see changes in Library screen when I play something. So that’s “Up Next List”.

If “Metadata Fetching” is required for syncing with Trakt, it is not required for iCloud Sync?
Without Trakt, iCloud Sync will sync the playback progress in the Up Next List?

All I want is to get the playback progress synced among devices for the recently played items without enabling “Metadata Fetching” option.
Is it possible?

Yep! :slight_smile: If all you need to sync is the Up Next List, then you will not need to enable metadata fetching or trakt.

Hmm. But it doesn’t seem working for me.
Does iCloud Sync work for items for iTunes Videos?

I have iPhone and iPad. Both have same videos synced from iTunes.
I play a video on iPhone and tap “sync” button.
Then I look at iPad and tap “sync” button but Library (Up Next List) doesn’t show the recently played item which I just played on iPhone.
Both iPhone and iPad show the recently played items but items played on each devices not the other.
So there doesn’t seem anything synced between these two devices.

Ah, sorry - forgot about the local videos part.

In that case, the status will not sync between your devices as Infuse is unable to see if the same videos are present on other devices, and will refrain from displaying something in Up Next which may not be playable on another device.

However, if you were to use metadata fetching and trakt, the watched history and playback progress would be tied to a movie/tv show title instead of a particular file - so you could start watching something on device A, and then use device B to finish it.

Only if “Metadata Fetching” doesn’t mess up the embedded artworks, I would like to enable it.
Is there any option I can enable “Metadata Fetching” but leave the artworks unchanged?

Yes, if you have both Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata enabled, Infuse should look for embedded artwork first and use that before attempting to fetch artwork from online sources.

I don’t think so. As far as I tested, enabling both Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata actually makes Infuse to use the artwork from online sources not the embedded artwork.

On Settings->General, I enable both Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata, then tap trash icon on Metadata to delete cashed metadata.
Next go to Files screen and refresh metadata.
All the videos will come with the artwork from online sources.

Which artwork are you referring to? Is this for movies or TV shows?

The narrow (poster) artwork is generally what is embedded inside a video.

The wide (fanart) artwork is generally not embedded, so this will almost always be downloaded from online sources.

I’m referring to the narrow artwork embedded inside movie files.
It will show up as an artwork on iTunes and as a cover on Mp3tag.
Those embedded artworks are not used when both Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata are enabled.

Any comment why “Embedded Metadata” option is ignored when “Metadata Fetching” option is enabled?

If you transfer this video to Infuse via a browser, does the correct artwork appear?

It seems we may be a bit limited with what we can read from files that have been actually ‘synced’ through iTunes.

No, if I transfer this video to Infuse via a browser or via file sharing, the embedded artwork never ever appears regardless of “Embedded Metadata” option setting. Instead, a film icon in black rectangle will appear if “Metadata Fetching” option is disabled.

The embedded artwork appears only for videos in iTunes and only when “Show iTunes Videos” option is enabled and “Metadata Fetching” option is disabled.

By the way, I posted a forum topic for this “a film icon in black rectangle” problem, however, it has been deleted without any notice.
I have posted 4 topics in total but 2 topic have been deleted.