Playback problems with supported file formats

My girlfriend purchased aTV for our 2nd generation (black) Apple TV. Overall I am really impressed and happy with the software, as it was a whole boat load easier to install than XBMC.

But it does seem to have problems with some file types that are supposed to be supported. I’ve had a fair few avi (seems to be xvid ac3 ones) files it won’t play, and the .iso files don’t play back properly. It’ll play the picture fine, but the sound is a choppy/staccato mess.

Is there any solution to this, or an update that’ll fix the problem?

Hey I also have the same issue


avi’s in the divx format , play sound but no picture



any ideas?




Also had it happen with a “VIDEO_TS” file.

Change your divx file to .avi or .mkv depending on how it is packaged. I also had problems with Media playing reading a .divx file.  XBMC was ok with it but I do not have it installed presently. Media player is playing everything I throw at it.

It has problems playing .avi divx files.

I would send a bug report.

OK I have one to add. I have to 720 hi def files that are XVID with the .avi. I get the message these files may run slow or choppy while watching the ATV. Is that a fire core message? And if so …why? I’m going to change the file designation to .mkv and see what happens.

Submitted a bug report. Upgraded to 1.1 and it still has the same playback problems. It’d be nice if someone official replied, as I did purchase the software (instead of Torrenting it).