Playback problems with IceFilms plugin

IceFilms/XBMC on a Apple TV 1st generation. I can play any TV show or movie when I start up IceFilms plugin. However if I stop the video I am currently watching and try to watch something else, nothing works for a while. I tried exiting out of XBMC, restarting Apple TV but nothing worked. When I wait for a long time and come back, I can watch another video in Icefilms. I also tried using the “kill streams” option in IceFilms plugin but that doesn’t help either. My experience is that once you start to watch a video in IceFilms and stop it, it doesn’t let you watch another one for a while - could it be a bug with the plugin where the stream to MegaUpload is not closed properly and MegaUpload doesn’t allow for multiple connections from same IP address? Is anybody else is having the same issue here? For now, I decide what I want to watch instead of playing a few minutes of a few videos and selecting one. Next thing I will try is to finish watching a video completely and see if I can watch another one without a need to wait.      

I  have exactly the same issue.  It seemed to occur after I installed nitroTV.  I have uninstalled it, but the problem is still there.  Also, I am running the XBMC V11 Beta version.  I will try it again with the released version.