Playback position not staying in sync with Plex media server.

I noticed tonight that the playback position on PMS isn’t staying in sync after playing a video in Infuse.
As an example, I played Terminator 2 in Infuse yesterday. I got most of the way through but stopped about 27 minutes before the end. When I came back to Infuse on my iPhone tonight the progress bar shows that the movie is watched and selecting it shows it as watched. If I go to the Plex player the progress indicator shows the correct playback position where I left off but if I play it in Plex the movie starts from then beginning. I have attached screenshots of the screens in Infuse and Plex. Any ideas what is going on?

Hmm… so Plex is reporting the movie is not finished, but attempting to play it in Plex has it start from the beginning?

Correct. Does Infuse have to sync playback position back to PMS after you exit playback? Or is the last played position updated in real time on the server side?
I’m wondering if something might have happened on the player or PMS side that would have caused either to malfunction (like a hang or crash).