Playback position is not synced from tvOS to iOS

Hi there,
thanks for releasing Infuse 6 today. Unfortunately syncing of playback positions from Apple TV to iOS devices doesn’t work for me. The other way, from iOS to tvOS works fine. I already tried reinstalling the app on Apple TV and switching off and back on the iCloud sync. None of that fixed the problem.

Any idea what I could do to fix this? And, is someone else experiencing this? :confused:


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When first setting up Infuse 6 (or updating from v5) Infuse has a bit of work to do to get everything synced to iCloud. Once this is done, things will start syncing back and forth normally.

You can view the sync status for each device in Settings > Library.

If things are fully updated and you are still having trouble syncing between devices, please send in a report from each device (and open a support ticket) so we can look further into this.

More info on sending in reports can be found here.

Hi James,
I guess you are right and giving Infuse some more time (plus restarting the Apple TV after reinstalling the app) did actually solve this problem.

Thank you for your support.


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