Playback of h264@23.976 titles

I love the new app, but one area really needs improvement, before infuse is made my new primary Media Center app!

I compared playback of some h.264@23.976 titles om both infuse Pro and plex (using directplay), and i don’t know what tricks Apple pull to make up for the framerate difference in the native TVOS player, but it is doing a far better job than the infuse player (at the moment), smoothing things out.

Anyone else experiencing the same difference?


Me too… small “jumps” all the time

Maybe the same ?

yep - experienced the same

I purchased Infuse 4 for $10 just the other day for the new Apple TV. Setup my network share is fine – it found all the files and added nice meta data. The only problem is, nothing will play for long.

I can pick any move and just a min or two into it I’ll get an error. It’ll hit OK, and try again. I may get a little further before I get another error – and so on.

No movies play all the way through without an error.

If I open these movies on the fast-late-model Macbook Pro they’re on, they play fine. I have a high speed WIFI AC on 5GHz Band router that can push any Netfilx or HBO video on that same Apple TV without issue.

I can use AirVideo or Plex which has a server on my Macbook and the video on my Apple TV is buttery smooth.

I’m guessing there is an issue because, unlike other solutions, there’s no server software decoding the files and Infuse is having to decode on the Apple TV itself?

I decided to purchase Infuse instead of using Plex or AirVideo because it was appealing to me not to have to run server software – just turn on the machine and that’s it – and fireCore has a good reputation. I’m disappointed and think I’ve wasted my money as the software is basically unusable at this point.

I opened a ticket, but no feedback yet, and wanted to see if anyone else is having this same issue.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix I can try?

We’re looking into a few issues.

Discussion thread here.