Playback not working on iOS 15 w/ AirPods

664M5 Log Code. I am on iPadOS 15 and notice that playback is not possible on an HDR movie with my AirPods Pro connected. I hear the audio with a black screen. It works fine without the AirPods Pro

I have the beta installed on my ipad mini and I’m not having the same issue when using my Airpods Max. Tried several movies with HDR.

Are you interested by issues on iPadOS 15 beta too?
I had a black screen (but with the sound) and had to reboot to fix it (killing the app was not enough…)

Update : I recently upgraded to an M1 iPad Pro where I no longer face this issue.

In my mind I thought the 2020 iPad Pro I had was not able to playback a 7.1 or 5.1 Dolby ATMOS audio file with the iOS 15 Spatialize audio feature turned on.