Playback not working on Apple TV 4k, but works on Mac for the same file

Hey guys, this has been going on for a while now. I can’t use Infuse on my Apple TV 4k. I tried the same file on the Mac, and it works just fine. I only get the loading animation and it just stays like that. I tried restarting and updating Apple TV, but it didn’t help.

I am also connected to the Plex server. Any idea what is going on? Is there anything else I can provide to resolve this? Thank you!

What version of Infuse?

Is this all videos or a certain one?

What is the plex server running on?

How long is “a while”? Multiple updates?

The version is 7.2.1 (3874).

It seems to be the case for some of the videos, but these same videos work on my Mac, but not on Apple TV.

Interestingly enough, as I was writing up this response and trying out different videos, these same videos that didn’t work initially now started working again…

This has been going for about a week or two - sometimes certain videos would work, and sometimes they would not. I also did the internet speed check and the connection is solid (500 Mbit download).

Plex is running on a server, but I doubt it is the reason since the same videos would work fine on the Mac and not on Apple TV.

How are the ATV and Mac connected? WiFi or Ethernet?

What kind of server? Sometimes there are things to check depending on if it’s a windows server or Mac or NAS.

ATV is over Ethernet and Mac over WiFi.

I’m using a third-party plex hosting platform, and I’ve never had such issues with Nvidia Shield. It has to be something to do with Infuse on the ATV.

Also, I forgot to mention, a few days ago I had a similar issue, and the only way I was able to solve it was by uninstalling and reinstalling Infuse. I thought at the time that it had something to do with syncing with the Plex server because the refresh/sync icon (or whatever the name of this icon is, the second one in the top right corner, next to the settings icon) was in the loading state all the time. Likewise, Infuse on the MacBook worked without any problem. However, right now the syncing isn’t always on so it has to be something else.

And, as it would seem, it isn’t happening every time, but lately, it’s happening more often than not.

As long as the circle icon on the upper right of the home screen is rotating it very well can cause playback issues.

If you launch Infuse and go right to the Library settings screen you should see a total of Movies, TV Shows, and Other. Below that you should see a status message saying what function Infuse is doing, fetching, syncing, etc. Let that complete until it gives a "Last Updated… " message and it stays on the message for at least a minute. It may go through multiple cycles of syncing with iCloud to get all the info caught up. Once it stabilizes on the “Last Updated…” message, go back to the home screen and see if you have better luck with the playback.

It sounds like your ATV is trying to build the Library and it’s not having a chance to complete it.

One thing that may make it work a bit smoother is to go into the ATV settings and then go to background app refresh. Make sure that’s turned on and I’d suggest turning all apps “Off” EXCEPT Infuse which should be turned on.

That should help improve the launching sync after a while since the ATV will give it a chance more frequently to update from the server when the ATV is sleeping.

Yeah, that’s the way it was already set up, and as I mentioned, this time the sync icon wasn’t spinning. Right now everything seems to be working smoothly. I’ll keep an eye in case it changes.

I already submitted a diagnostics code to the support, maybe they can figure out what went wrong.

Thank’s for your help, @NC_Bullseye!

Just remember, the little wheel on the home page does not spin while Infuse is doing an iCloud sync. It only spins while fetching new metadata and updating metadata. That’s why I recommend going to the library settings page where you can see the status messages including iCloud sync change and wait till you see the last updated message and it stays on screen for a minute before going back to the main screen.

I’ve seen the last update message come up and stay for several seconds and then go right back to either a metadata sync or iCloud sync and repeat this a few times so give it a full minute at the last updated message before testing. :wink: