Playback not smooth when using Playback speed

Hi guys,

I often increase the playback speed, usually when I watch Anime, because of the amout of episodes.
I’ve noticed that the playback is not smooth anymore, when increasing the speed.
It seems that Infuse somehow catching up the video, I can’t really explain it.
Am I the only one? Can someone try that too? @NC_Bullseye :smiley: @james

I wonder if the streaming cache setting under playback in the Infuse setting would make a difference? If set to auto and you pause for a little bit to let it build a buffer before playing back at a higher speed?

It is set to auto and waiting to buffer makes no difference.
I’ve tried a little bit and I’ve noticed that the smaller the increase is, the more you can see the behavior, I am trying to upload a video of 1,05 playback speed:

Because of the filesize limitation of 8mb I couldn’t upload a longer video, however can you see what I mean?

The more increase the less you can see this behavior.

Just opened a support case.

Can nobody try it with your setup and give a feedback?

@james , I’ve opened a Ticket (Id #155608). The last reply from the supported was a month ago, since then I’ve heard nothing…