Playback keeps selected non-forced subtitles as forced

I have experienced this with both the AppleTV and Mac versions of infuse 7.

I have subtitles set as Forced Only in preferences and I’m playing a movie that does not have any subtitle tracks set to forced.

Yet for some reason, every time I ply the movie, infuse selects a French subtitles track as the subtitles.

I’ve checked the MKV several times. None of the subtitles are forced. However this particular subtitle file does have the word “Forced” in it’s file name.

I can turn subtitles off during play back, but when I play the movie a second time the French subtitles are forced on again.

Is infuse now looking for the word “forced” in the sub title file names to decide whether to show them? It would appear so.

So it’s an external subtitle file or only inside MKV? If external then I believe that infuse will pick up forced from the filename.

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