Playback issues with .ts files

I’m having two playback issues with .ts files & Infuse Pro.
I’m using a Synology/Emby/HDHomeRun combination to record TV programs.
To play the recorded programs, my preferred method is Infuse Pro on an Apple TV 4.

Problem 1:
Infuse doesn’t appear to handle .ts files with mixed 2.0 & 5.1 audio content.
If the recording begins with a 2.0 soundtrack (eg. advertisements) but then the soundtrack switches to 5.1 for the main
program, Infuse fails to recognize the 5.1 audio and continues to output a 2.0 track, but worse than that, the sound is
some form of ultra, ultra slow drone which continues for the rest of the recording.
Fast Forwarding, Reversing, or exiting and then resuming playback makes no difference - the slow drone continues.
I’ve tried various combinations of Infuse & Apple TV audio settings but can’t find that magic combination that
causes 2.0 audio to be output as 2.0, & 5.1 as 5.1 when mixed in the same .ts file.
Infuse handles .ts files that start in 5.1 before transitioning to 2.0 slightly better, provided you
don’t use the Fast Forward or Reverse buttons - if you do, the 2.0 audio suddenly starts
playing in hyper-fast mode whilst the video plays at normal speed.

Problem 2:
If the recording has some video issue such as skipped frames or blocking/interference caused
by a poor input signal when recorded, Infuse can’t keep the video & audio in sync. Each time
there’s a video glitch, the audio starts to get ahead of the video and can very quickly find
itself several seconds ahead. The only way to get the video & audio back in sync
is to initiate a brief Fast Forward, Reverse, or exiting and then resuming playback.

Although the VCL app on Apple TV handles the above two situations well - sound transitions between 2.0 & 5.1
without issues and video & audio always appear to remain in sync despite signal glitches - I just find the app to be more awkward
to use, and would prefer to use Infuse.

Finally, I have an educational question, which may or may not relate to .ts files.
I’m new to this type of recording & playback methodology - being more used to traditional standalone DVR/PVRs.
One thing I’m missing is the ability to start watching a recording whilst it is still recording, and continue watching to the very end.
Although you can start watching recordings with Emby, VCL or Infuse etc., you only seem to be able to watch as much as had been
recorded up to the moment that you started watching - and then playback stops.
Is this a limitation of .ts files or is it that this type of functionality has not been added to these apps yet?

Many thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the report.

If you are able to send in a sample file that is exhibiting these issues, we’d be happy to look further into this and work to better handle files like these.

As requested, I have uploaded two files.

For Problem 1: “The Assassination of Gianni Versace American Crime Story S02E06 Descent.ts”
The transition from 2.0 to 5.1 sound occurs at around 03:07. I’ve been doing a bit of experimentation and found that if you use FF or Rev and manage to hit Play at exactly the 03:07 mark, then the sound is correctly identified as 5.1 and is played at the correct speed. Hit any other point, and the sound remains in 2.0 and sound playback is very, very slow.

For Problem 2: “Daily Politics 2018-04-27.ts”
Starting at around 07:40, the video starts to have interference issues (probably due to atmospherics at the time of recording). Each time there’s a video glitch, the audio goes out of sync. Synchronization can be restored (until the next glitch) by briefly pressing FF (or Rev) followed by Play.

I am using Apple TV 4 (tvos 11.3) and Infuse Pro (5.7.1)

Thanks for your help.

Thanks! We’ll see what we can do.

Quick update.

We’re working on a few major changes which will allow us to handle videos with inconsistent audio timestamps (IE edited out commercials or other factors) much better.

These changes should be available soon in the upcoming 5.8.2 build.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

hello FC,
same problems here, update to 5.8.2. does not solve them… please fix it soon, thanks.

Sorry, these changes we’re quite ready for the 5.8.2 release, but will be available soon.

We have a number of improvements aimed at addressing cases like this which are currently in beta testing for the 5.8.4 update.

If you are interested in trying out the beta before the public release please let me know.

Having similar issues with HDHomeRun .ts files cut with ComSkip in Plex. Would love to try the Beta to see if it helps. Attached is the file detail info.

I have the same issues with .TS files.
How could I try if it’s better in the beta?

Infuse 5.8.4 with a number of improvements for DVR recordings and other files with inconsistent audio timestamps is now available.

The 5.8.5 update will include improved support for videos with mixed audio tracks (EG 2.0 + 5.1).

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of responses recently, I’ve only just got back from a vacation. Thanks for addressing my playback issues. I’ll report back if I encounter any further issues.
Thanks, once more.

Infuse 5.8.5 with improvements for videos with variable audio tracks (problem 1) is now available.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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