Playback issues with some encoded videos

This is the second time it happens and it happened with two completely different series so I think other Infuse users might have had the same problem.

I’ve downloaded a TV series in mp4 format and some episodes don’t work. Most do, but some don’t. When I open the broken ones with Infuse I can see the playback slider jumping on random timings (like 1:42, 5:28, 20:10) and then CTD. These files work perfectly fine on PC and, more importantly, on other iOS players (I checked with VLC and OPlayer) so it’s definitely an Infuse compatibility issue with some non-standard encoding. 

If you devs are interested I can run any check you want on these files, but I can also privately link you the torrent from which download them if you want. Thanks for reading!

Would you mind running one of the files through ‘MediaInfo’ and sending in or posting the specs?

MediaInfo is a free download available at:

Sure! I’m glad you replied! I’ve run the program on two episodes, one that works and one that doesn’t, and exported the results in txt file. Since there are several formats to export results with, let me know if you prefer another one. I’ve hidden the file names for copyright reasons.

Here’s the txt file of the episode that works:

And the one of the episode that doesn’t work:

Hope that helps

I can confirm that I am having the same issue, although this is with mkv files. The videos play fine in VLC iOS app, but I get the jumping playback slider with a blank black screen. I can do the mediainfo thing if you would like

Would you mind posting the specs from MediaInfo?

attached is the mediainfo txt file for one episode in the season. All of the episodes do not play back correctly


I’m too having the same problem as Maruko.

Files come from french DVB-T. I use EyeTV to record them. They play fine on my iMac and on my xTreamer but they’re jerky on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S.



Any fix on the way? Havent heard anything for a couple weeks

Still looking into this.

Quite a few fixes are coming in Infuse 2, so stay tuned.

Same problem with the following file:



I get the same problem with mp4 files occasionally. If I transcode them so the output file is the same as the input file I can play the new mp4 file. Very strange.

Should have pointed out that whilst the mp4 files plays in WMP it doesn’t play in CineXPlayer

Videos don’t play in v2 either :frowning: