Playback issues when using Vivid app

Hi, there’s a new app that has been released and it’s called “Vivid” on macOS, what it does basically is that it enables the extra brightness range that is usually reserved for HDR content, in exactly the same as playing an HDR video, it supports Apple XDR Display and the 2021 Macbook Pro lineup, however, when I try to play content with Infuse 7.3.8 while the app is on, the frame drops and stutters, unlike VLC and mpv players, which they play nicely.
I think it’s a great app since it displays SDR content as HDR and makes HDR content twice as bright, it would be really great if you adapt this feature into Infuse or just fix it so that it works seamlessly.

I would love to have infuse be compatible with Vivid as well.

I just installed Vivid (because Setapp), an app that allows to double max brightness for SDR content on my MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro.

When playing a video in Infuse (I tried with 2 4K, 59.94fps music videos in HEVC+AAC/mp4), if Vivid is enabled and a brightness superior to the usual 100% is enabled, the video flashes.
Playing the same video in QuickTime Player, the video plays normally.

And with vivid disabled? Is this not a bug of Vivid?

Add your comment to the feature request.

I moved your post to a currently running suggestion (thanks @JarvisMeier ) to accommodate this request.

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However, I do not see this as a suggestion.
Every other app, from VLC to IINA, including Textedit, seems to work fine with Vivid.
I would classify this as a bug - to be solved on Infuse or Vivid’s side, but a bug.

Just had a response from Vivid: they have a fix in the works :blush: