Playback issues on Mac Pro 5,1

I also see a problem with 7.4.2 trying to play HDR/Dolby Vision on MacOS it’s completely off the colours but with 7.4.1 works perfectly somehow.

Which Mac model and version of macOS are you using?

Are you able to send in one of the problematic files we could review here?

So I actually have some news it seems to not be related to the version itself but let me try to explain the behaviour.

So first of all it seems I was wrong about the version, though I do get the option to right click and load with 7.4.2 and 7.4.1 so If i’m watching some DV content (haven’t tested HDR10/HDR10+) and I pause on whatever version it is then leave my mac unattended for a few minutes eventually the screensaver kicks in and then if i unlock to go back to the desktop it randomly will cause the content to be displayed wrong, you get some very dark spots and the colours will be all off so I believe it just thinks it’s no longer HDR capable and reverts back to SDR but then the monitor still HDR, I also have a single 4k monitor in the middle that’s HDR and two side monitors that are non-hdr at different resolutions (apple thunderbolt display).

So how I fix it right now? I basically go to the settings and disable the HDR on my 4k monitor, close infuse, enable hdr again then start playing from where it left off but using a different version and that usually works better for some reason vs using the same version I used last time at least every time i did that it always worked but if I tried the same version as it was previously running sometimes it doesn’t fix the problem and I have to do it again.

So sadly my mac pro is not officially supported so even though it likely is a bug but you could just as easily dismiss all this based on the fact it’s a Mac Pro 5,1 running OpenCore 0.7.9 with the correct kexts for H265 hardware acceleration and a Radeon VII so yes it is a very ‘unorthodox’ setup but it works perfectly well in fact I just recently updated to Monterey 12.5 straight from apple and the normal software update.

Now if you want any extra info I’m happy to provide if it can help you figure out this bug or if you don’t want to pursue based on ‘unsupported configuration’ i also get it.

As for the file it’s 20GB and it’s copyrighted material so I can’t technically send you the file for legal reasons for both our sakes and besides a short cut wouldn’t likely be able to recreate the problem, but it’s Westworld S02 episodes from Blu-Ray transfer in 4K you might be able to source them yourself or maybe you have them already so that’s up to you guys…

Thanks for the attention though!