Playback issues on 2021 ATV4K

I have playback issues with big 4K MKV files on brand new Apple TV 4K (2nd gen.).

Can’t wait for @james to fix this bug.

Can you check to ensure the Match Content options are enabled on the new Apple TV?

If that doesn’t help, submitting a report from your device would help us see what is going on.

Having the same issue. Moved from an ATV4K with 6 to the new ATV4K with 7, and some random MKV’s will start slowing/jerking, but the audio stays fine. Stop and resume fixes. I have only seen it on 1080p/24 files right now (tv shows), not a 2160p movie. Did not have the issue on the same setup with Infuse 6 and the previous gen ATV4K. Some files do not do it at all, some do it once, some do it twice. Submitted logs last week.

Can you try the steps to enable Match Content linked above, and submit a report if the issue persists?


I do have match content and range “ON”, they were on when I sent the report last week. Files are being read from a Synology NAS, via ethernet. I’ve done speed tests on the new ATV4K and it is getting 500+ mbps down through the router (same one NAS is connected to) on an ATT Fiber network. Not sure why this would present often on 1080p 24 hz but hasn’t cropped up yet on two 2160p 24 movies.

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What do you get on the Infuse speed test on the troubled 1080 files and then on the no problem 2160 files?

Opened ticket #135492

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