Playback issues on 2021 ATV4K

I have playback issues with big 4K MKV files on brand new Apple TV 4K (2nd gen.).

Can’t wait for @james to fix this bug.

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Can you check to ensure the Match Content options are enabled on the new Apple TV?

If that doesn’t help, submitting a report from your device would help us see what is going on.

Having the same issue. Moved from an ATV4K with 6 to the new ATV4K with 7, and some random MKV’s will start slowing/jerking, but the audio stays fine. Stop and resume fixes. I have only seen it on 1080p/24 files right now (tv shows), not a 2160p movie. Did not have the issue on the same setup with Infuse 6 and the previous gen ATV4K. Some files do not do it at all, some do it once, some do it twice. Submitted logs last week.

Can you try the steps to enable Match Content linked above, and submit a report if the issue persists?


I do have match content and range “ON”, they were on when I sent the report last week. Files are being read from a Synology NAS, via ethernet. I’ve done speed tests on the new ATV4K and it is getting 500+ mbps down through the router (same one NAS is connected to) on an ATT Fiber network. Not sure why this would present often on 1080p 24 hz but hasn’t cropped up yet on two 2160p 24 movies.

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What do you get on the Infuse speed test on the troubled 1080 files and then on the no problem 2160 files?

Opened ticket #135492

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Hi James,

I have a strange behavior from Infuse since I switched to the new Apple TV 4K.

From time to time, the frame rate when watching content drops and the image starts to stutter for 30 sec approximatively.

I have this behavior on various file from various sources.

Other apps like Netflix, Diskey etc don’t have this issue.

When I stopped what I was watching to submit diag, when I went back into infuse, I have a screen telling me infuse is working on my library.

I don’t know if that’s cosing this issue.

Thanks for the help,

Diag : H6Y4J

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Just to give more info, I have match content and frame rate on.

So far it is doing it on mkv h264 tv shows file around 2-4 go.

Mine seems to be getting better, so maybe something is getting changed in newer versions.

I’ve had the same issue on my new ATV4K. I seem to have solved it by turning Match Frame Rate off then back on again.

I’m running tvOS 15.0 Beta 2

I’m still on the normal release, turning off and on did not help. I watched three 1080p/24 MKV’s last night (42 min tv shows), two were fine, the third started acting up twice. Pause and then play fixes it.

Have yet to see it on a 2160p/24 HDR file.

Beta with a potential fix was sent out today. :crossed_fingers:

Hi James,

I made the update, I looked at two 2160p (no HDR, DV) and i got again the problem (a bit worse) on the second. I’m on TvOS 14.7.

I’ll try now with the 15.0 beta.

I’ll let you know.

Today’s 7.0.7 update has a few improvements aimed at resolving one issue we’ve uncovered.

We’re still looking into at least one other case, but it’s worth updating to see how things work for you.

Hi James.

I did the update, it’s a bit better and when the issue occurs it goes faster away.

But there is still issue, do i need to send the logs ?

I can concur. I was using the beta, and last night swapped back to the release 7.0.6 version. 7.0.7 beta was definitely better but still had a few occurrences, whereas when I swapped back to .6, it was often and worse. I’ll load the new version tonight and watch for any issues. If I have one Ill do a report.

.7 seemed to correct itself without a pause/play move and show up less often, but .6 crashes and burns and you have to pause to get the slowdown out.

It remains the same perhaps worse than the previous one in my 4 1°generation Appletv is not functional.

I install it I test it and I reuninstall because it’s not fluid and the reproduction is random.

And that I only see content in 1080p!

Let’s expect a solution soon for iOS and TvOS.

See you next month!

Now I infused 7Pro into the trash!

I have always advised in my Infuse groups but I have stopped doing so I have had complaints from users.

Why they pay and can’t use it.

Is that a joke ? Give a bit of respect please for James and his team who works hard to get all of our bugs resolved.

Stop acting like a spoiled child, thanks