Playback issues in 7.3

It appears only on my Apple TV 4K (2017 model) with tvOS 15.2, it seems that the issue exists from tvOS 15

The same file is playing as expected on infuse iPhone and iPad app

Just curious have you done a speed test in Infuse with one of the files you’re having problems with on the ATV?

Yes but I doubt it is related for my issue

Still see the issue on 7.3.2, though not that severe as 7.3.1, there is definitely some stuttering that I never seen before 7.3 I think, even after following the recommendations with Legacy mode, match content & etc. Submitted K1DDH diagnostics. File was an 1080p HDR x265 encode and playing it on the LG TV player directly does not have any issue, also played through the network.

Well min speed 75 could pose a problem for 4K though. Even if it is just a blip and average is high :man_shrugging:t3:

This problem is discussed here

Interesting thread, the problem seems similar, though what I played was not Netflix WEB-DL but an encode from UHD source, nevertheless it might be the same issue.