Playback issue with some .ts files

Problem with some BluRay.
Code: FTJE5
Apple TV 4K 2021
tvOS 16.1
infuse - 7.4.8/7.4.9 RC1

Are you saying this problem also occurs in the 7.4.8 released version?

Yes. Infuse 7.4.8 also have bug.

And BD 4K problem.
Code: 4PAFJ
TvOS 16.1
Infuse 7.4.9 rc1
Apple TV 4K 2021

should I throw off the video files that cause the above problems when playing them ? Or are you already aware of these bugs ?

If you’re able to upload a sample of one of the problematic videos (so we can test here) it would be super helpful.

Uploaded fragments of those BD movies with which I encountered problems. If necessary, I will upload whole BD :slight_smile:

is there any news on these bugs?

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At the expense of the above problematic files. If the contents of the m2ts container are repacked into mkv, there are no problems with playing movies. Image doubling problems (as I have shown on the recordings) occur only on m2ts files.

Hi James! Is there any news?

@james hi!
Have any news from here - Playback issue with some .ts files - #12 by Axl2021 ?

Today’s 7.5.7 update has a number of improvements to better handle files like this which include invalid timestamps.

Please let us know if you continue to see issues here.

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