Playback issue with 1080p HDR files

Good afternoon. Tell me, where can I get an example of a video file with which you have this problem?

I can upload the file on a Dropbox if you have one ?

The main thing is to give a link to the file. I am not a developer from firecore

Ok, just sent you a private message

Thanks. As soon as I’m at home, I’ll drive and study the submitted file.

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How does your setup work ? From which source does infuse play this video file ? Did you do a network speed test ?

I tried this file over a gigabit network on Apple TV 4K 2021 - everything is perfect.
Upon request, I will soon be given information on how this file works on Apple TV 4K 2017. As soon as I get the information, I will tell you about the result.

Additionally tested on this setup - ATV4K 2017 + cable - switch dLink 1005D-----switch dLink 1008D—AsusAX86U–NAS Synology218+ Everything was lost without problems.

You have a LG TV ?

From my end —> Synology DS416Play - AMPLIFI Alien - Apple TV 4K

I can play every other files without issue, including 4K HDR files, so I don’t think bandwidth could be the issue.
Plus, I have gigabit network.

A friend has the same issue with the file I sent to you


Yes. I have an LG OLED TV.
Have you tried changing the type of streaming cache in infuse ?

It’s configured to auto, I will try to change to see what’s happening but how is it configured from your side ?

Change to Legacy, then clear the cache, restart the ATV and try. It might help. I have it installed on a auto, but on the 2nd generation Apple TV 4K initially there were no problems with 1080p HDR files. This bug was only on the 2017 player. If the above setting does not work and you do not want to wait for the problem to be solved, you can buy an Apple TV 4K 2021 and enjoy using it.

Alternatively, you can check the HDD of your NAS for errors and bad sectors. The file may have been written to a broken HDD partition.

My friend has the issue with his Apple TV 4K 2021 and with the same file it’s stuttering as well, it’s very strange

I have just stumbled over a 1080p file (dvhe.05.03) that causes horrible stuttering for me as well (the entire interface gets laggy). Interestingly the performance seems to normalize when I disable the subtitles (I always have SRTs loaded automatically). Are you guys using subtitles and does disabling them have any effect for you?

@james I will submit the files as a sample. The issue happens both with 7.3.9 and the latest beta.

By the way, but in the video provided above, where the author of the problem captured the friezes, subtitles are included…

Hi !

I’ve tried with disabled subtitles but I don’t get a better result, nevertheless configuring the streaming cache to LEGACY seems to really help on this issue.

I will try with some other files on the next few days to see if the playback is really better and will get back here to confirm, but seems promising !

I have a 4k (1st gen) and use Legacy and playback is ok, but if I pause (and keep Infuse open), then resume where I left off the playback stutters. If I close the app, reopen and resume where I left off then the playback is smooth again. I have another 4k box that was sitting idle in a closet, it has Infuse 6 on it plays back fine regardless of pausing. Why after so many updates in version 7 is this still happening?

In the meantime I have found that nearly all my 1080p DV and HDR10 files are stuttering to some degree on my original Apple TV 4K. I have now upgraded to the 2021 model and they all seem to play smoothly on the new box.

So maybe this issue is hardware related?

It it’s hardware related then why does the stutter not occur on Infuse 6?

Apple tv 4k 2021 has a different chip installed. Therefore, of course, the processing of files goes in a different way. But this does not mean that there should be this problem on the 1st generation of the media player.
In any case, firecore has done some work on fixing this bug and now it is not massive in nature as it was before the fixes.
But in any case, those who still have this bug, if there is no desire to wait for a solution, the easiest way is to buy a new media player.