Playback issue w/ 50fps content on new ATV

Playing a 1080p 50fps video on the latest ATV 4K has regular stutters all the way through the video. The exact same file played on this same version on an older ATV 4K (model A1842) plays totally fine. This has been the same for all recent Infuse builds. Happy to share more diagnostics that may help.

It affects many similar files - all originally captures from DSAT channels in the UK.

Can you submit a report from your Apple TV (post the code here please) and if possible submit a sample video we can test here?

Diagnostics code is DNFCN. I will upload a 2 min video called ‘test1.ts’ - I can find a better sample if needed.

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I wasn’t able to locate your uploaded sample. Can you try sending it in again?

Sure - can you please remind me the upload link? I definitely sent it!

Sorry I found the upload link - file ‘test1.ts’ uploaded now. Please confirm if you locate it ok?

Received your sample (thanks!), and a few quick tests here on a 2021 ATV4K didn’t reveal any obvious playback issues.

Since this is an interlaced file, can you check which option you have set for Deinterlacing (swipe down while a video is playing and navigate to the Video tab). I tested here with ‘Auto’ and it seemed ok, but switching to ‘Film (IVTC)’ did introduce stuttering (which would be expected, as this setting is intended for older DVD-based content only).

Edit: I would also double-check to ensure both Match Content options are enabled.

Thanks - I have checked the deinterlacing (and it’s on ‘Auto’), and the Match Content was already set. I’ve just tested a few more files and the weird thing is the exact same scene can sometimes be fine or sometimes stutter. I’ll try to find a clip that stutters more often than not to upload - but this is indeed a very odd issue!! The bizarre thing for me is that all these files play 100% perfectly on the older ATV4K model every single time…

Any other ideas of things to try would be much appreciated!