Playback issue using IVTC with interlaced MPEG2 files

So I was testing playing some MPEG-2 files ripped from some DVDs and with deinterlacing set to ‘auto’ everything plays correctly, but when I enable IVTC the audio continues to play at the correct speed, but the video speeds up so everything gets out of sync. At first I was using Plex with the MPEG-2 files remuxed into MKV and thought maybe it was a Plex issue or an issue with the remuxed MKV file. But then I put the original VOB file on an SMB share and played that directly but I get the same issue.

Is anyone else getting the same issue? The deinterlacing option set to ‘auto’ is mostly fine, but I’d like to be able to use IVTC because in my tests I can often get better results depending on the source.

Welcome to the forum!

IVTC is designed to be used in specific cases where a video has been encoded using a process called hard telecine.

IVTC will adjust the frame rate to account for this hard telecine process, and enabling it on videos that do not feature hard telecine will result in playback issues.

But I am playing content with hard telecine. I understand that the IVTC changes the frame rate, but it shouldn’t be causing audio sync issues since the duration stays the same. But the IVTC setting is causing the video duration to be shorter because it’s playing too fast and the video will end playing at a certain point while the audio continues to play play for what is the correct duration.