Playback issue (random micro stuttering)

Thanks for confirming my suspicion!
I hope they will fix it.
Until then I use Infuse only for 2160p content and MrMC for 1080p.
A Codec Info display in Infuse with number of dropped and skipped frames would be also very nice to easily debug similar problems…

What type of partitions do you have on your disks ? GPT or MBR ?

All are MBR.
But for my problem that is irrelevant. My bug is only present since v7.3.7.
Before v7.3.7 I used Infuse without any problems with the same disks (and partitions)
for about a year. Version 6 was flawless too.
Also in 2160p I still have no problems with the same disks (and partitions).
So my bug is somewhere within Infuse source code.

A91SY - playback problem on all video formats

Apple TV 4K 2021

tvOS 15.6

infuse 7.4.2

Cash: try and legacy and auto

This problem on the all video files: bluray, bdremuxe, bdrip, webdl, fullhd, 4K, HDR/SDR content. Dynamic range and frame rate matching is enabled - This video shows the problems. This happens on any files.

This happened about a month ago. I thought about the SSD. Changed file structures. It didn’t help. Then I connected another HDD - the problem remained.
The disk is connected via SMB. Connecting apple tv via Gigabit LAN. The test speed is ~ 420-450 mbps.

The problem is Infuse. I am jailbroken and can re-install any version to test and i can tell you the stutter is mostly gone with older versions of 7.x and completely gone with 6.x

A91SY - see please

Tested on infuse version 6.7. It is also purchased.
I noticed this thing: if the HDD /SSD is not formatted after the detected bug in infuse 7.4.2, the bug remains in infuse 6.7.
If the HDD/SSD is formatted, there is no bug in infuse 6.7 when playing files.
But once you start using infuse 7.4.2, the problem returns.
And 1 more nuance - this bug begins to manifest itself after the HDD / SSD is filled with more than 100 gigabytes. If you record only 1 movie, the bug does not appear. But the disks themselves have no problems, the video files too.

This is not the case for me. I have over 1TB of data on a NAS and I am jailbroken so I can switch versions to test. Anything I stream on version 6 is butter smooth. As soon as I switch to 7.2 or higher the stutter comes back. If I switch to 6 again, no stutter and no need to re-format drives. I have two 4HD’s and four first gen 4k’s. Apparently the 2nd gen 4k does not have this problem but if I didn’t have the luxury of a jailbreak to downgrade my Infuse version I would be forced to upgrade all my hardware. I would expect this from Apple but not Firecore.

I would like to switch back to version 6, that worked me flawless!
But meanwhile it was removed from App Store, so there is no way to purchase it. :frowning:
I really hope Firecore will fix this…

We are waiting for version 7.4.4 - promise playback core improvements

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The only way you can switch back to an older version is to be jailbroken. This is how I am able to download an older version while we hopefully wait for a proper fix… not one that requires a hardware upgrade to the 2nd gen 4k.

I am running the latest tvOS version, so I have no way to jailbreak it… :frowning:

It’s a shame that Apple at the very least doesn’t give users the ability to choose to downgrade their apps without the need to jailbreak. In the past I have had some phone apps crash after updating leaving me hanging for a developer fix. The ability to downgrade an app should be a standard option imo.

Yeah, I agree.
I really hope they can fix this in v7.4.4.
I do not want to buy the new Apple TV 4K model just because of this bug… :confused:

Beta testing of version 7.4.4 is currently underway. If you want, you can take part. At the same time, check how everything works and if anything, send a bug report to firecore.

Thanks! How can I participate in the beta test?
UPDATE: I found it. :slight_smile:

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Just to let you know that invites only go out on Fridays so you may be waiting for a few days

Okay, thanks!

Playback issue (related to SSD?) - #11 by Axl2021 - Check it out. This solved my problem. Who knows, maybe it will help you.