Playback issue (random micro stuttering)

I have exactly the same problem since v7.3.7 on my Apple TV 4K (tvOS 15.4.1)!
Had no problems with previous versions.
Restarting Apple TV does not help and it happens with all streaming cache settings (Auto/Memory Only/Legacy).
Is there a way to fix it?


Disabling background app refresh did not fix it. :frowning:

I uploaded diagnostics: P0EQK

I am currently uploading the last watched video file.
(But I am not sure this will help, because I have the problem with all videos…)

I also have a support ticket for this problem: #143388

Feels like as a background task in tvOS would interfere with Infuse’s playback time-to-time.
But I do not understand why I have this problem only since v7.3.7.
I had no similar problems with pervious versions.
Only Infuse Pro version changed.
(And also tvOS was upgraded to v15.4.1, but I did not notice this problem right after the tvOS update.)

Have you updated to the latest Infuse 7.3.9 version?

Also, can you double-check to ensure both of the Match Content options are enabled?

Yes, I have v7.3.9 and have both of Match Content options on.

Please check the uploaded diagnostic data if you can!

I can confirm this microstutter. But cannot reproduce and it occurs really rare.

Yes, I too can not reproduce it intentional.
If I rewind and watch the very same passage again, the stuttering is not there again.

I have exactly the same symptom as described by Sperious in this thread:

This is very frustrating, the playback isn’t “silky-smooth” anymore.
I am forced to use my 12 years old HDI Dune HD Base 3.0 media player
until this bug is fixed. :frowning:

Is there no Debug / Diagnostic mode in Infuse?
I know the diagnostic upload, but can I read the diag data for myself somehow?

This problem is still present in v3.7.10 :frowning:

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I’m noticing this happens only when in fullscreen mode when playing videos on my Mac. I’m running a 14" MBP with M1Pro and 32 GB. I’m watching the videos through a Plex server on the same network. Running 7.3.10

Will next version fix this?
I also have a ticket about this (#143388), but that is also unanswered since 23 days… :confused:

It seems I only have this seldom micro-stutter problem with 1080p (H264) contents
and not with 2160p (H265) contents! My TV is 1080p, so 2160p contents are downscaled.

I also have this problem with 1080p x265 (HEVC) files.
So I currently only can use Infuse for 2160p content on my 1080p TV… :confused:

Yeah this occasionally micro stutter is really frustrating as you have then everytime close Infuse to make it go away.

@Limpi Maybe you could give a try to lower the SMB version from v3 to v2.

I got no official answer since 2 months!
I have a yearly subscription, but I can only use the app for 2160p content since several months…
Are you working on this bug? Is it close to be fixed?
Can I get any type of compensation? I would like to use Infuse 6 Pro until this bug is fixed. Or you could extend my subscription.
Something. This is very frustrating. :frowning:
In the past I tought Infuse has an excellent support. Now I am not sure anymore…

I’m experiencing the exact same random micro stuttering problems.

I switched to MRMC, which is less than ideal, but at least it plays my content smoothly.

Hoping for a fix.

I’m not sure, but I think it always happens after a new tv show or movie is found by Infuse/added to the library.

I tested version 7.4. I still have very rare frame drops with 1080p content.
But not with 2160p! Very strange.
Support is not answering, so I am not sure if they are working to solve this bug.

Thanks for the MrMC tip, I will use it until Infuse is fixed.

I will also not renew my yearly Infuse subscription until this bug is fixed.
I am very disappointed that perfect playback is not a priority for the developers… :frowning:
For me it is the most important thing. I had no problems with version 6.

With MrMC v3.9.12 I have no frame drops at all, so the bug is definitely in Infuse.


I add my experience about this problem.

I tested differents configuration and situations.

On 4K file HDR i have no problem.

On mkv 1080p SDR Files x265 i have irregulary stuttering on playback. (With plex server library)

I tested on Infuse 7.4 (pro user) and Plex last version (server and player)
I tested to on Apple TV OS 15.4, 15.5, and 15.6 beta.

The problem is recurent on the 3 os version and 2 players

Generally i use only Match Content option. with the Apple TV connected to Denon AVR 2700h with Earc connection on LGC1.

The only thing that work is activation of Match FrameRate option to pass content from 4K60 to 4K24.

I have no problem on 4K60 with 4K HDR/DV files and no problem with Netflix, Amazon, Apple tv+, Disney native apps of Apple TV for any content type ( SDR/HDR/DV ).

Its difficult to know if its OS or Player the problem.

I give precision that i use Complet setup 2.1 with 48gbit cable and my receiver is full hdcp 2.3 on all hdmi.

Ordinary i prefer don’t use Match FrameRate because on Infuse 7.4 when i launch video there is a little delay to arrive on the screen. The video arrive 2 second after sound.

So i hope @james that my informations can help the team to find a solution.

Sorry my english is not excellent iam from Belgium country.



Thanks for confirming this bug! You mean that Plex has the same bug too?

It is strange, because I do not have it in MrMC v3.9.12.
(I use SMB connections by the way. And tvOS v15.5.1.)

I have this bug with Infuse since v7.3.7 where the new “Ultra-optimized streaming cache” function was announced. So I guessed that the bug is related to that, because I had no problems with previous versions. But I am not sure. (Also tvOS v15.4 and v15.4.1 were released close to Infuse v7.3.7.)

Also it is hard to test the bug because Infuse has no codec info (in my opinion a huge deficiency), so I can not see the number of dropped / skipped frames.
I can only detect the frame drop with my eyes.
And it happens only seldomly for me (or I can notice it only seldom).