Playback issue (random micro stuttering)

I have exactly the same problem since v7.3.7 on my Apple TV 4K (tvOS 15.4.1)!
Had no problems with previous versions.
Restarting Apple TV does not help and it happens with all streaming cache settings (Auto/Memory Only/Legacy).
Is there a way to fix it?

Disabling background app refresh did not fix it. :frowning:

I uploaded diagnostics: P0EQK

I am currently uploading the last watched video file.
(But I am not sure this will help, because I have the problem with all videos…)

I also have a support ticket for this problem: #143388

Feels like as a background task in tvOS would interfere with Infuse’s playback time-to-time.
But I do not understand why I have this problem only since v7.3.7.
I had no similar problems with pervious versions.
Only Infuse Pro version changed.
(And also tvOS was upgraded to v15.4.1, but I did not notice this problem right after the tvOS update.)

Have you updated to the latest Infuse 7.3.9 version?

Also, can you double-check to ensure both of the Match Content options are enabled?

Yes, I have v7.3.9 and have both of Match Content options on.

Please check the uploaded diagnostic data if you can!

I can confirm this microstutter. But cannot reproduce and it occurs really rare.

Yes, I too can not reproduce it intentional.
If I rewind and watch the very same passage again, the stuttering is not there again.

I have exactly the same symptom as described by Sperious in this thread:

This is very frustrating, the playback isn’t “silky-smooth” anymore.
I am forced to use my 12 years old HDI Dune HD Base 3.0 media player
until this bug is fixed. :frowning:

Is there no Debug / Diagnostic mode in Infuse?
I know the diagnostic upload, but can I read the diag data for myself somehow?

This problem is still present in v3.7.10 :frowning:

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Agreed, and I have the same issue on my Mac as well…

All videos I watch stutter when there is a lot of movement in the video. For example, every time a camera tilts, pans or moves, the video starts to stutter. It is not too bad, but definitely noticeable. I am on a new MacBook Pro with an M1 Max. So performance is not an issue… :slight_smile:
I downloaded one of the files to play it with VLC, where it plays very smoothly. When you compare the two, the stutter in infuse is very obvious.

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I’m noticing this happens only when in fullscreen mode when playing videos on my Mac. I’m running a 14" MBP with M1Pro and 32 GB. I’m watching the videos through a Plex server on the same network. Running 7.3.10

Will next version fix this?
I also have a ticket about this (#143388), but that is also unanswered since 23 days… :confused:

It seems I only have this seldom micro-stutter problem with 1080p (H264) contents
and not with 2160p (H265) contents! My TV is 1080p, so 2160p contents are downscaled.